The World Is Still Trading…


…in spite of what’s happening and many are trading at home and from home!

So why shouldn’t we get involved too?

And how about the BIG financial news that came out today.

IG Group who is a British spread betting company is set to buy a US-based online brokerage named ‘tastytrade’ which is a high growth US online brokerage and trading education platform with a leading position in US listed derivatives, primarily options and futures, and over 105,000 active accounts.

Very nice!

The purchase price is $1bn where IG seek to gain a stronger foothold in the booming retail investor market.

Very nice again!



So it looks like it’s business as usual in the way of mergers,  the markets, trading and spread betting.

And on the subject of spread betting, we have just released our latest trading program.

It’s not going to set the world alight as our favourite setting is slow but consistent, which is what we like.

Our favourite program is the TenKei Total Profit Target and we think we’ll be discussing that more than anything else.

The second program is the TenKei Automated Trading Program, where the settings we use help it to plod (successfully) along.

Well, there has been  a lot going on the last couple of days where the US now has a new President, so the markets were quiet to going sideways.

On quiet days like yesterday and today, the simplest thing to do is to simply not switch on your trading screens and in this case, to not switch on the automated trading software.



So, we now have two brand new courses for you where we provide access to the market calendar and new releases and much much more!

The aim is to keep ourselves in check and to run this like a business because it is.

The aim is also to practice ‘Patience’ but primarily to keep abreast of world news as that will tell you when and when not to take action…

,,,such as rushing into trades, which we do not (like to) do, even if it is fully automated!

Anyway, it’s time to go but do check out our favorite program which compliments individual trading systems, scalpers and free style traders who prefer not to use any form trading software.

Check it out by clicking here!

It is geared towards the more experienced trader and you’ll have 30 Days to test it out!



On the fully automated trading system, you’ll have 90 Days to test it out.

So go on, have a go and we’ll be here to support you and answer any questions and queries you may have.

Let’s get working…

…at home, just like everybody else seems to be doing (so it seems)!

Kind Regards






The TenKei Team

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