How To Spot And Place A Continuation Trade…


You know what?

We uploaded a video  entitled:

“What Is A 2:1 Ratio And What Does It Mean?”

And nobody’s watched it yet!

But that’s okay, as we simply enjoy making the videos because we do – and we are also training our production skills up for greater things to come – even though we have no idea what that may be!


…the trade is hidden in plain sight within the video, so you need to watch it, NOW!!!

How To Spot And Place A Continuation Trade…

Click On The Image Above To Watch The Video



Isn’t that a bit old fashioned sounding?

Old(er) me…

You may find the video a bit technical at first but simply watch it over and over and over and over again…

…and you will get it!

Once you do, we recommend for manual trading to use the TenKei Total Profit Target alongside what we showed you in the video.


…and where we said TTT, that was meant to be TPT but to leave the odd error in there shows we’re human, even at times I am told I am not!

And below is an intro on what the TPT has to offer you:


Click On The Image Above To Watch The Video


Well, that’s it for now!

Each video is an education for you re: using MetaTrader 4, using the TenKei ATM and all other aspects to studying charts and for us, it’s an education in video production.

And on the subject of video production check this one out before you go.

This video is to do with the TenKei Total Profit Target and the most appropriate time-frame to use it on:


Click On The Image Above To Watch The Video


Yes, we like the Total Profit Target and many of you do too, as it takes all of the fuss out of trading!

And where we get asked questions, we now answer them with videos and there are quite a few questions that have been asked!

So keep asking…

…where we’ll keep replying and producing where you can keep keep watching and learning.

Thanks for reading… take care!

Kind Regards,




The TenKei Team

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