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The TenKei
Automated Trading Machine



Trade around the clock and never miss an opportunity with algorithmic trading, which is now available on a range of platforms when you choose the UK’s leading Automated Trading Machine.

You will be able to create and refine your own trading algorithms, or use the off-the-shelf recommended settings, to speculate on over 17,000 markets.



Algorithmic trading uses computer codes and chart analysis to enter and exit trades according to set parameters such as price movements or trading patterns.

Once the current market conditions match any predetermined criteria, the TenKei Automated Trading Machine will execute a buy or sell orders on your behalf.

This can save you time scanning the markets and it means that your trades are executed almost instantly.



The TenKei Automated Trading Machine is made possible with cutting-edge platforms such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

We also offer advanced Variable and Value tools and Settings to make the TenKei Automated Trading Machine easy and understandable for you, whether you want to build upon what the TenKei ATM already has to offer in customising your own algorithmic settings or use off-the-shelf solutions.



We Have Often Been Asked, What Do We Find To Be The Best Algorithmic Trading Platform?

That depends on what you want from your platform – many traders use a combination of platforms, however, we like the versatility of the platform we use due to being able to check the markets from a PC, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile/Android/iPhone.

Therefore to accomplish a range of additional goals, we use MetaTrader 4.



In ending we are going to share a common saying we extracted from Investopedia.com:

‘A common saying goes,

“Even A Monkey Can Click A Button To Place A Trade.”

Dependency on computers should not be blind.

It is the trader who should understand what is going on under the hood.

While buying trading software, one should ask for (and take the time to go through) the detailed documentation that shows the underlying logic of a particular algorithmic trading software.

Avoid any trading software that is a complete black box, and that claims to be a secret moneymaking machine.’



We do not claim to have a complete black box to trading and neither do we claim the TenKei ATM to be a secret moneymaking machine…

…but it does generate profits (even if they are small but we look for consistency rather than BIG gains) and we do provide the detailed documentation that shows the underlying logic behind the TenKei ATM software.


The Above Image Shows Results Of The TenKei ATM Scalping Software, Where Initially We Were Not Keen On (Scalping)…

…But It Works!


Plus, you have 3 Months to check it out, for FREE and you only pay after the 3 Months if you find the TenKei ATM to be of benefit to you.



We thank you for your time in visiting this site and reading this message.

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P.S. The TenKei Automated Trading Machine is a form of plug and play program where it will open and close your trades where it uses a set of strict and well defined automated trading rules.

P.P.S. The ‘TenKei Total Profit Target’ (which is part of the TenKei ATM can be used as a standalone program and can be found here)… it scalps, manages you, your trades and it kills over trading — dead in its tracks!

P.P.P.S. We have nothing to prove but only to show, which is FREE for you to test, where we would very much appreciate and value your opinion but ‘you must test’ it, to give it!


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