I Am Now Home!




The script in ‘Black’ relate to the day I was discharged from St Helier Hospital and it’s what I sent out to my family and friends.

I got home and I was still writing like fury!

It wasn’t that I wanted to write…

I was simply writing and I could not stop…

…and as I write this post, being today on Friday the 1st of May 2020, I am still writing like fury, as I am taking notes I had written or more like essays I had written from my iPhone.

Those notes were then transferred to my email account and then put in a file on my laptop, to which I am extrapolating and now, imparting to you!

So today is a recollection or summary of some of what happened to me, as in how it felt (for me) to have COVID-19, through to some of my St Helier Hospital experiences, which were all good, to what was revealed(?) to me when in that supernatural(?) state.

Yes, it seems strange things happen (as far as we are concerned here on earth), when you reach the point, of what feels like, near death.

What I will mention in the middle section of this post is deep and may be hard to take in but..

…do your own research!

Read your Bible to find out!

I was not hallucinating, as I spent more time being awake and aware of my surroundings than being asleep, during my grand total, of seven days (if we add the morning I was admitted to the day I was released), at St Helier Hospital.

If you are like me – you would not – and do not – want to – or go to – any hospital of any kind.

And if you are like me – you will be thinking:

“I’m Okay,
I Can Fix Myself!”

“I’m Okay,
If I Just Go To Bed For A Day Or Two… 




If I Sleep It Off Over The Weekend,
I’ll Be Okay!”

Which means, you will not go to the hospital and as I have been seeing on the news and hearing in reports:

‘Many Of The COVID-19 Deaths
Are Due To People Turning Up To The Hospital,

Too Late!!!

Or Not Even Getting To The Hospital…

…As They Die And Are Dying…

…In Their Beds!!!”


I waited a grand total of six weeks!!!

Yes, six weeks before I did anything about it!



And in the last three weeks, I was like an invalid, in bed!

It wasn’t until a close friend (from San Diego) called me via FaceTime and exclaimed:

You Look Sick!!!”

That’s when I took any real and serious notice of my condition…

So, please, get yourself checked out – if you feel sick – before you look sick – and before – it’s too late!

You’ll find the timelines go in and out and back and forth but stay with me, stick with me, as everything will come together, as the main aim of this site is to help you and your loved ones deal with the COVID-19 and give your life (back) to CHRIST, whether COVID-19 comes a knocking at your door or not!


This Is Me,
In St Helier Hospital,
Feeling Better
But Still Looking, Sick?!?!?!


Thursday 9th April 2020 – The Morning Of Day One At Home

I am home!!!

But some of you know that already, right?

The COVID-19 and Pneumonia has been eradicated from my body in JESUS’ Holy Name!


I still feel a tad weak but how I feel now as compared to how I was feeling three weeks ago is indeed a miracle.

I shall continue with my healing in JESUS’ Name and I shall minister to everyone about The Breath Of Life and sharing the knowledge of our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST!

As JESUS is indeed my Saviour in the true sense of the word!

Thank you for you support!

GOD Bless You All!



Genesis 2:7


Thursday 9th April 2020 – The Early Afternoon Of Day One At Home

I am home!

I am sort of weak!

I am on medication which I feel has turned me into thinking like a baby or not so much for myself.

I have to pay attention to every detail and log it squarely in my mind as my mind is attempting to forget things and make mistakes.

Satan has dug his heels in firmly but JESUS is the mover and shaker, not him (Satan).

I have slept…

…and I have set up a bed in another room where the setup is very similar to the hospital bed I was in.

When I came home and saw my bed, I started to feel ill again as that is where I was suffering and in torment for three whole weeks.


This Is What Extreme COVID-19 Feels Like!


Even when I went into my bathroom, I had the same ill feeling as that was where I struggled to open the taps, pump the soap dispenser, wash my hands, dry my hands etc…

…and it was in that bathroom I had lost more energy each time I went for a number one.

It was three weeks ago that after going to the toilet to which I had to sit down, it felt like a mammoth task of washing my hands etc… and eventually standing up and going back to my sick bed.

Satan was continually saying to me on every bathroom visit:

“Why Bother Wash Your Hands?

I Mean, You Can See You Can Hardly Do It,
Just Forget About It,
You Are Already In Your Own Home Anyway,
Come On Wilson,
Who Could You Possibly Give A Virus To?

Forget About Washing Your Hands And Just Go Back To Bed!”



But I continued to wash my hands, even if it was not thorough as now I realise, that was training for the things to come.

Upon my release from the hospital, I had been give a 5 litre Plastic Natural Jerry Can to add my urine into as from 20:30 🕣 Wednesday the 8th of April 2020 until 20:30 🕣 on Thursday the 9th of April 2020.

The 5 litre Plastic Natural Jerry Can was given to me by St Helier hospital where it was to used as a 24 hour urine sample.

The reason I had to do this is because the doctors (especially the junior doctor) were perplexed as to why all of my Vital Signs were good bar my Heart Rate.

My Heart Rate readings were 120bpm where the average Heart Rate is 72bpm.

They could not find any trace of COVID-19 or Bacterial Pneumonia (being the way the Pneumonia looked in my chest on my arrival) where I had two COVID-19 swab tests and where they both came out Negative, which is called a Double Negative.


I Was Tested Twice,
Where Both Results Came Out Negative


The point is, they could not believe my body recovered so well and so fast whereas my Heart Rate was pumping at a constant rate of 120bpm.

I was trying to tell them my Heart Rate had always been like that or that way but today I could feel my heart ‘Beating In My Chest’ and you could even see my pulse banging away when looking at the inside of my wrists.

Also, my external temperature was high, high, high however my body temperature was averaging around 36.7, which is normal. 

So they wanted to run that final urine test where I was able to take the 5 Litre Plastic Natural Jerry Can home to continue adding my urine samples until 20:30 🕣 on Thursday the 9th of April 2020.

I need to return the sample on Good Friday!

I was given a lift home by the ambulance service and dropped right outside my door!

The paramedics who dropped me home were named Awa and Adam.

No, they were not a couple (but there are many paramedic couples) as I did ask that question.


This Is Not Awa And Adam…
But They Are NHS Paramedics


Awa has one 15 year old daughter and Adam has three children with their ages ranging between 8 and 13.

It was a good experience meeting them and there was also one more passenger in the back of the ambulance with me, who was also going to be dropped off home.

She must have been in her eighties and I did greet her upon alighting the ambulance and I bid her farewell upon my descent of the ambulance.

Awa and Adam were great!

What a great bunch of people they have in St Helier hospital.

Awa even came into my ward, picked up my rucksack and 5 litre Plastic Natural Jerry Can which was heavy as I had been drinking just over 2.5 Litres of water a day which included multiple cups of orange juice and warm water.

And when we walked to the lift, there was Adam waiting for me with wheelchair at the ready.

I told him to forget it and I even offered to wheel him so he could have a good sit down and be wheeled about for a change.



We all laughed and continued to converse and ‘bond’ from there.

Upon alighting the lift, I carried my own bag and 5 Litre Plastic Natural Jerry Can with the contents of my heavy (in weight) urine sample.

Awa asked for my rucksack and 5 litre Plastic Natural Jerry Can which was of course in a LARGE plastic bag so as to hide what it was.

I said to Awa to take a break besides how could I let a lady carry such heavy items when I was strong enough to do it myself.

In fact, I did not know if I was strong enough or would be strong enough.

After my previous three week ordeal in not even being able to get out of bed, turn on the tap to wash my hands as it was all so exhausting to do…

…even as an individual action, I was a tad concerned about my energy levels and now, here I am carrying heavy items, without realising it!

“Take It Easy Wilson,
Do Not Rush!”


My original weight by the way has always been or fluctuated between 10 and a half to 11st

…now I weigh 9st 4 ounces!

So, I got home and once I entered my front door, I felt, delicate.

The St Helier Hospital runs like a 5 Star Hotel, as the staff wait on you hand and foot!

They were feeding me so many meals a day I found myself emptying my bowels (as the hospital put it) nearly twice a day!

The hospital abounded in Food and Drink!

The food was nigh on being similar to a 3 Michelin Star Restaurant!!!

The service and attention were out of this world!!!

Now, bearing in mind, many of my contemporaries (being the other patients) were in a vegetative state or they were bed bound.

And there I was, nigh on doing cartwheels on my second day having the service of my life!



All in all…

…I was in the hospital for seven days or six whole 24Hour days!

And now I am home, I do have the best of help but now I have to continue my physical and mental healing without the full and fantastic support of the St Helier Hospital Staff.

But upon returning home I felt some weakness creeping up and in me.

When I finally got to bed and where I now have my pillows set at a 45 Degree Angle, it was time for sleep…

…and immediately, Satan started throwing in weird thoughts and dreams, where I had to wake up and say:

“STOP IT!!!”

Well, I shouted it out, my mind, where thereafter I decided to continue breathing as deeply as possible.



It is not easy breathing deeply, even on  a good day and after having Pneumonia and COVID-19 where my chest and airways had more or less closed up…

…breathing deeply was then – and still is – a bit of a challenge for me where I felt I couldn’t just close my eyes and go to sleep like you would normally do without thinking about it…

…because I felt or thought I would stop breathing!

That is what COVID-19 does to you!

I was really concerned so I practiced more deep breathing until it hurt and until I was able to expand my abdomen, rather than just, my chest.

So, I fell asleep again and I had to focus on the name of JESUS because if I did not, I was finding a multitude of other random thoughts invading my mind, which were not my own!

I was not ‘Thinking’ of what appeared to be and to which was in fact utter chaos, insanity and pure nonsense…



…those irregular thoughts were coming in and on, of their own accord!

So, I switched my conscious thought to one thing and one thing only and that was JESUS!

Did you know the JESUS I focus on looks rather similar to me?

Just as the JESUS in you, should look similar you because if JESUS lives in me, if JESUS lives in you and if JESUS lives in us

…do you really think if JESUS was to pop out of your chest HE would look like someone else?


It’s not about what JESUS looks like, it’s all about who HE is!

JESUS is pure spirit and to come to this earth, HE had to come in some shape or form and since HE was born into a Jewish Family, HE had to look Jewish


JESUS Was Born Into A Jewish Family
But If JESUS Is The SON of GOD,
Does HE Have An Identity?
And Does It Really Matter If HE Has A ‘Human Identity’,


…but JESUS has no true form the way we see form.

However, we are made in the image of GOD and the image of GOD you see when you look into a mirror, is you and/but it is also, the image of GOD!

And when I look at you, I not only see the creation of GOD

…I see GOD!

Godly and also ungodly things are not interpreted the way things are on earth in the human world!

Remember, GOD is not human!

GOD is supernatural!

GOD is everywhere, all at the same time!

“How Is That Possible?”

Some ask!

And ‘you’ may even ask:

“How Is It Possible For GOD/JESUS To Be Everywhere,
All At The Same Time?”



You may even ask:

*’How Is It Possible For JESUS To Be In Me
And Everyone Else On The Planet At The Same Time?’*

Well, here’s one for you!

“COVID-19 Is Everywhere,
All At The Same Time
And Is It Has Shown Itself
To Be In Many People All Over The World,  
All At The Same Time?”

It is currently in thousands of people, all at the same time and the idea is to banish it from our bodies, just as I did!

I am not yet perfect and back to full health but I do feel mentally, physically and spiritually strong!

My breathing and breath need constant care and nurturing…

…as the COVID-19 and Pneumonia literally and I mean literally knocked the wind (or breath) out of me!


Click On The Image Above To See ‘The Punch!’
Which Is What COVID-19 Also Feels Like At Its Worst!


The COVID-19 winded me over and over again and it was just like going fifteen rounds with a Heavyweight Boxer of 30 Stone+  (or Bruce Lee) winding me with blow after blow after blow after blow…

…into my stomach, ribs and Solar Plexus!

Have you ever been hit or punched in the Solar Plexus before?

When punched in the Solar Plexus where the blow hits perfectly, precisely and spot on…

…it does not hurt per se but the wind or breath gets knocked out of you so fast, it stops you breathing and you’ll find yourself hitting the canvas (so to speak) gasping for air…

…and each time you breathe in to gasp for some air even the smallest amount of air, the temporarily damaged solar plexus will not allow you to exhale.

So, can you imagine breathing in – and in again – and in again – and in again without exhaling?


COVID-19 Can Suffocate You!


Try it in short intakes of breath only but do not exhale, try it to see what it feels like.

That is what it feels like to have the most aggressive bought of COVID-19.

And how do I know?

I know because I suffered from the symptoms of COVID-19 where now not a trace of it can be found in my body…

…and how do I know what it feels like to be punched in the Solar Plexus?

Well, many years ago, I was punched in my Solar Plexus whilst standing in a completely relaxed state by a Martial Arts colleague, where he did it in innocence and fun, where I went down and I couldn’t breathe…

…as each breath I took where I was gasping for air, I was unable to breathe out and I thought I was going to suffocate.

The person who punched me, I think his name was Ellis or something like that, didn’t mean to do what he did…



…but his punch landed perfectly into my Solar Plexus and it was in fact the perfect punch for you who know about punching precise points and the Solar Plexus, you will know, exactly, what I mean!

Nobody saw Ellis do it as we were standing around waiting for the class to begin…

…so when I went down (which was almost immediately), when I hit the floor, that’s when everyone’s attention was grabbed where they thought was either playing around or having an epileptic fit.

Somehow I recovered, not because I figured out what was happening and what to do because I had no idea what was happening…

…I couldn’t believe it myself!

But I believe it was because I must have been fit enough (and come to think of it, Satan was trying to do me in (even back then) but JESUS aided me) where I was able to get or literally catch my breath and recover.



Nobody knew what happened except for Ellis and I – and he was a thin wiry chap but he also had a seemingly (as I think about it today) autistic innocent ignorance about him.

Well, that’s what I am still going through as it feels like I took another serious and perfect punch right dead centre into my Solar Plexus.

And as I said, that’s what COVID-19 felt like, for me…

…it felt like I was suffocating!

GOD is good as I would not have been able to handle the COVID-19 and Pneumonia if I had not experienced and gone through what I did in the past.

Be very careful out there!

Be sure you know how to breathe deeply now as that will help you manage a COVID-19 attack, blow or punch, if and when it happens!



Bible Verse:

Whoever Dwells In The Shelter Of The Most High
Will Rest In The Shadow Of The Almighty. 
I Will Say Of The LORD,
“He Is My Refuge And My Fortress,
My God, In Whom I Trust.”

~ Psalm 91:1-2



This site is dedicated to:

  1. Saving Lives
  2. Saving Souls

GOD Bless you!

Wilson P Williams MSHAA, HAD


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