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  1. à la carte
    /ɑː lɑː ˈkɑːt,a la ˈkɑːt,French a la kaʀt/
    1. (in a restaurant) referring to food that can be ordered as separate items, rather than part of a set meal.
      “an à la carte menu”





My goodness me, the St Helier Hospital food menu is good, the food is good and currently, I am stuffed!

A family member who I was in contact with via WhatsApp wrote:

‘Looks pretty good compared to what hospital food used to be like 🤢’

And here’s my response:




On my first night, I had no idea what to order as I did not expect to receive, a menu!!!

I haven’t had any dessert yet (because I don’t usually eat dessert) but now, I’ll be looking forward to giving it a go.

At this rate, St Helier Hospital are going to make me fat!!!

And I need fattening up as I have lost 7kg in weight, since the beginning of me falling ill, to which now I calculate as being as much as 6Weeks under the weather!!!

In St Helier Hospital, we have breakfast, elevenses, lunch and supper…

…but to me, it feels like they keep on coming in with food or something to drink!

It was the girls who woke me out of my beautiful slumber, who are part of the food and drink team, remember



Asking me if I wanted Tea or Coffee!

It’s a 24Hour Service in here!

And my water jug never goes down as they keep replenishing and supplying new jugs…

…sometimes before I’ve even finished the one I am currently using!

And sometimes I wanted to say:

“Leave it, leave ‘me’
(there’s a touch of the vernacular for you)
quarter filled jug of water please!
As I’ll drink it later!”

And I never really said ‘…leave ‘me’…!’

And gradually I started to ask them to leave my unfinished jugs once I got into a flow in how things worked because I was monitoring how many litres of water a day I was drinking…


This Is A St Helier Hospital
Water Jug…


…and each jug held 750ml of water and I my goal was to drink three whole jugs or 2.5 litres of water a day!

And pretty soon, I was finishing each jug soon after I received it!

But as mentioned, I am drinking more water than I can mentally take…

…jug after jug after jug and the doctors are over the moon at that!

I can now drink by the mouthful, whereas only a few days ago all I could do is sip.

Hold on!!!



They’re back!!!

Asking if I want coffee or tea!

I’m going for orange juice!

Boy oh boy, all this intake of food and liquids is wrestling me to the ground!

And I much prefer to be wrestled to the ground with good food, water and fruit juices rather than the COVID-19

so have a good look at the menu, as all you have to do is click on the image (any image throughout this blog series) and it will go solo, where thereafter you can zoom in and see the words and detail clearly and without a strain, okay?

If you are not doing it already, eat a good healthy well balanced meal, as that in part is quarter or half the battle to dealing with your health in general!

I learned so much in St Helier Hospital!

P.S. I will certainly give the NHS a BIG thumbs up for the care and attention they give.

Drink ((Warm) Water, Lots Of It)) 
And Be Merry!”


Bible Verse:

“Do Not Destroy The Work Of GOD For The Sake Of Food.
All Food Is Clean,
But It Is Wrong For A Person To Eat Anything
That Causes Someone Else To Stumble.”

~ Romans 14:20


This site is dedicated to:

  1. Saving Lives
  2. Saving Souls


GOD Bless you!

Wilson P Williams MSHAA, HAD

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