What’s Strange And Interesting Is…

Do Not Be Surprised At The Fiery Trial That Has Come Upon You,
As Though Something Strange Were Happening To You.

~ 1 Peter 4:12


I think I’ve written the above verse before but it does not matter!

I write based on my feelings and experiences and boy oh boy, have I been going through some stuff to which has tested my feelings through those very experiences!

There’s a lot going on right now and you wouldn’t think so from the amount of writing I’ve been doing on this site, right?


But I’ve been working on other things, where I have not been able to write anything because there was no point telling you what I was up to…

…but what I have found are the differences between FXCM and GKFX when using the TenKei Fully Automated Trading Program, which are HUGE!

What’s Strange And Interesting Is… Even though we apply the same Settings on FXCM and GKFX, we get completely different results!!!

This has caused me no end of headaches and near sleepless nights!

I even had to walk away from it for a while to clear my head!

And remember, just when we thought we had cracked it… we found we had not, due the the inconsistencies between FXCM and GKFX.

FXCM works well where we have a Continuation 5Second Chart with a Stop Loss of 9, a TST of 15 and a TSS of 1 but adding the same Settings on GKFX is a near disaster!

So, what’s the fix?

We have now set GKFX to a Continuation 5Second Chart with a Stop Loss of 15, a TST of 10 and a TSS of 1.

Today, being a Friday, being a day we generally do not like to on, we left it running and at first it was not looking good but it all turned around successfully by 10:50 GMT!

Targets Were Hit!!
Targets Were Hit!!

We expect to tie everything up successfully by 09:00 GMT each day but it does not always work out that way.

From previous Settings, we found having the EA move the Stop to Break-Even too soon meant we would take some Profit but they would be small Profits and where our 15 Point Stop gets hit, it would mean our Stops would soon outweigh our Profits

…so we decided to let the Trade run to a 15 Point gain before the Trailing Stop kicked in but that still did not work to our favour as amazingly, we would see an 11 Point Gain, for it to pull away, all the way back to our 15 Point Stop!

We tested a 9 Point Stop but that kept on being hit too soon, when using a 15 Point TST!

So, we have decided to stick with a 15 Point Stop, a 10 Point TrailStepTrigger and a 1 Point TrailStopStep, on a 5Second Chart, on GKFX!

We are not fans of the 5Second Chart as we feel it tends to Over Trade but if it works…

5Second Chart

…we’ll use it!

We would love the way the 5Second Chart works to work on the 1Minute Chart but there are (still) intricacies to the Settings we need to fathom and figure out!

What we are still looking for, is for the EA to work at any time of the day and not just at the London 08:00 GMT Open.

Yes, we are asking for a lot, yes, we are asking for so much and we are always getting closer, even though we sometimes feel so far away from the ‘Perfect Trading Solution’!

Have a look at what the GKFX 5Second Chart got up to over the last few days:

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

DAX – 2018.10.24 to 2018.10.26
Continuation 5Second Chart – Infinity to 15, TST=10, TSS=1
08:03 GMT Start – 21:00 GMT End

We have been running the EA from 08:03 GMT to 21:00 GMT where we have found our Targets are usually hit well before 21:00 GMT.

Ideally, we would like our Targets to be hit in the first 15Minutes or even less but having the EA run for a longer period of time allows it to play catch up and thus close the day a Winner!

We ‘Believe’ if the market can go against us, it can also go in our favour and that is why we constantly tweak our Settings in order to bring us to the ‘Perfect Setting’ that will always close with profits before the close of the Trading day!

We will be sending out the .SET File to you where you can Test for yourself on a 5Second Chart as well as a 1Minute Chart, okay?

Chat Soon!


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