What Are Your Vital Signs?


This Is A Vital Signs Machine


Vital signs (also known as vitals) are a group of the four to six most important medical signs that indicate the status of the body’s vital (life-sustaining) functions.

These measurements are taken to help assess the general physical health of a person, give clues to possible diseases, and show progress toward recovery.

There are four primary vital signs

  1. Body Temperature 

  2. Blood Pressure 

  3. Pulse (Heart Rate)

  4. Breathing Rate (Respiratory Rate).



The script in ‘Black’ relate to the third afternoon after I was admitted into St Helier Hospital and it’s what I wrote to my family.
The hospital staff were checking my Vital Signs up to three times a day (I think) but realistically twice a day being definitely in the mornings and the evenings…
…so, come to think of it, it was, morning, afternoon and evening (which was late in the evening) so late it’s where they wake you up if you happen to be sleeping.
Somehow, I think they were checking us so much and looking at us (because I saw them) at random times to see if we were still alive!!!
They were good though and they were extremely thorough!
You’ll find the timelines go in and out and back and forth but stay with me, stick with me, as everything will come together, as the main aim of this site is to help you and your loved ones deal with the COVID-19 and give your life (back) to CHRIST whether COVID-19 comes a knocking at your door or not!
Sunday the 5th April 2020 – Day Three In St Helier Hospital
I’ve just had my Vital Signs tested where Normal equals:
Oxygen = 95 to 100 – Mine is now 95
Temperature 36.5 to 37.5 – Mine is now 36.5
Heart rate = 60 to 100 – Mine is now 98 
Blood Pressure = 120/80 – Mine is now 120/80


That’s Me,
Having My Blood Pressure Taken!


Yesterday I was:

Oxygen = 92

Temperature 38.5

Heart rate = 109

Blood Pressure = 120/80

I Love You All!

A family member replied with:

“Your Heart Is Racing!”


That’s Me,
Having My Heart Rate Taken!


My reply was:

“It was!

So I couldn’t breathe, I was burning up and my heart was racing like race horse in motion.

Of course, I could not feel it but now I know what one’s Vital Signs should be, I’ll be able to read their monitors with full understanding.”

My family member’s reply was:

“Typical Adult Resting Pulse is 72bpm…”

“…But Since You Have A Fever, You’d Expect It To Be Higher.”

My reply was:


…I like your style!

You informative person you!

All in all, the hospital are saying my Vital Signs are now normal…

…but of course, I must continue moving forward with what I am doing to be, let’s say, at 72bpm.”



On a personal note:

‘They said my heartbeat was strong anyway.

I remember many years ago in my (extreme) youth, lying down on my bed…

…it was a sunny still morning and – or – but – I could see the head of my bed, which was metal framed, shaking!

The bed, was shaking!!!

I thought maybe workmen were outside vibrating the ground in some way…

…but it was a very still quiet Sunday(?) morning.

I was perplexed as to why my bed was shaking or moving or rocking…

…and I was lying there, on my own…

…where, after going through all of the possibilities and pondering on what was or might be happening, my last resort was to finally put my hand on my chest, I realised it was my heart, beating so firmly and strong, it was rocking my bed!

And as my heart continued to beat (Thank GOD), the head of my bed continued to rock or move!

How’s about that eh?

No one knows that, except, You!’

That’s the end of the personal note.

In light of what’s happening with regards to the COVID-19 let’s Give Thanks to GOD for the Life and Breath we have in our Lungs…



…keep Breathing Deeply, as when you do, it will:

  1. Encourage Full Oxygen Exchange!

  2. Expel Carbon Dioxide (Being Another Subject To Cover, Another Time)!

  3. Slow The Heartbeat (Which Means I Need To Do Much More Deep Breathing)!

  4. Lower Or Stabilize Blood Pressure!

  5. Be Able To Deal Far Better With Your Breathing Should The COVID-19 Symptoms Ever Rear Its Very Ugly Head!

  6. Give You Life, To Live,  To Serve Others And The Lord JESUS, Y/Our GOD!


Bible Verse:

“If We Live,
We Live For The LORD;
And If We Die,
We Die For The LORD.
So, Whether We Live Or Die,
We Belong To The LORD.”

~ Romans 14:8 



This site is dedicated to:

  1. Saving Lives
  2. Saving Souls


GOD Bless you!

Wilson P Williams MSHAA, HAD

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