We Are Happy With These Results — Are You?


We seem to be drifting further and further apart from you and our Blog communications but:

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Stronger!

Or does it make it go yonder?

Well, our intention was to get the Fully Automated Trading Program working perfectly, without flaws of any kind — and once done — we would just leave it be to do its thing, which meant we would not have to write, email or utter a single line of communication…

…so our near disappearance means we have got it working to our satisfaction, which means, we are happy with the results — are you?

But wait a minute!

We are never really fully happy (or more like, I am never fully happy) with the results, as we are (or more like, I am) always looking to improve upon them, which can cause one to have quite a bit of stress but we are truly happy with the Fully Automated Trading Program’s consistency as we have put a few fail-safes in place, which is simply a cut off point for the day (or morning).

So without further ado, here’s what we expect the EA to do each morning.

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

30M Filter Equity Curve – For 2018.04.09

It’s a pretty strange looking Curve, isn’t it?

It’s a bit short too, isn’t it?

And why is it so short?

Because we are not after a whole bunch of Points, we are only after 11, therefore we set our EA to start at 07:03 GMT (on the DAX) and set it to shut down once it hits Target or at 09:00 GMT, with or without the Target being hit.

This means the EA is only set to Trade for two hours per day (but you could set it to Trade for longer if you wish but two hours a day normally suffices).

Most often, our Target is hit before 09:00 GMT and a fairly typical time for our Target to be hit is 07:30 or thereabouts.

We cannot judge or control when the Target will be hit, being if it will be hit or the time it will be hit but — because we have ‘Goals’ — we know when we would like our Targets to be hit and as you now know, we also know what Target we would like to be hit.

And we do not like to muck about with variations in what we do!

It’s a matter of once we find the Golden Goose, we’ll stick with it, forever!

Golden Goose
  1. a continuing source of wealth or profit that may be exhausted if it is misused.
    “they were killing the golden goose of tourism”

Below you’ll find what we deem as a typical Report — and — we expect our Reports to look like this.

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

30M Filter Report – For 2018.03.09

In the Report above, it took two Trades to hit Target.

We would of course prefer one Trade to hit Target, which is what happened today being 2018.04.10 but for some reason, the Strategy Tester does not show the full results on the day of the Trade but we can always show you today’s results tomorrow.

But, you know what?

There will come a point where we may no longer show our results as you will be able to check them for yourself, as you’ll be Trading or using the Fully Automated Trading Program for yourself.

We aim to make you completely and totally Independent and of course Successful in your Trades!

So that’s where we are and we feel it’s now time for you who are sitting on the sidelines to join in, as we have pretty much got everything just as we want it.

As mentioned, once everything is in place and working according to plan, to which it currently is, there shouldn’t be a need for much contact, as we’ll simply let the Fully Automated Trading Program do the work for us, whilst we go off and do other things, such as doing whatever we want and that means you too!

That’s all for now!

Chat Soon!


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