The True Versatility Of The TenKei Code Is To Be Revealed


This is going to be a short message, as all I wish to tell you is that I shall be revealing The True Versatility Of The TenKei Code.

I know for a fact that some of you have been Over-Trading, which means some of you have been pushing their luck, not that I believe in luck and all that!

So, it’s time to reveal the many ways in which the Code can be used!

Revealing this information will truly give you the Trading Independence you need!

So, for the next few days, I shall be breaking it down as in how to use the Variables within the Code, which will give you the Freedom & Opportunity to start using it in ways most suitable to you!

I sent out an email to the TenKei Subscribers showing the 5Minute Chart setup, which happens to be working a lot better than it used to!

The 5Minute Chart is slower in its Trading style and it even Trades the same setups as the 1Minute Chart but it is a safer slower route to go, if you find the 1Minute Chart too racy.

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

The 5Minute Chart Setups Are Slower But Also More Reliable

I mean, all we need to do it hit 11 Points of Trading Profits a day and then stop for the day!

Two Auto Trades came up on the Contrarian and Continuation 5Minute Chart, one at 07:27:16 GMT and one at 08:29:30 GMT and the date was 2018.01.29

I keep on sending out messages of what to Test and nobody seems to be listening, yet!

Anyway, I’ve had enough of holding back as some of you are struggling (with yourselves) and I do not like that, so get prepared for an online breakdown of the TenKei Code, which will enable you to use it in ways perhaps even better than I!

There is one Variable within the Code which allows for a True 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 Ratio and so on!

One of the best Ratios is 2:1 and quite frankly, I have been trying to ‘Master’ that style of Trading for years, so once it’s revealed in how to use it, perhaps together we can find the answer to that little conundrum, as the more of us working on it, the easier we’ll be able to find it!

Are you ready for this?

Another explanation for a 2:1 Ratio is if we set a Stop Loss of let’s say 12 we would conversely set a Limit of 24

…but what you’ll find out is that the Code can set your Ratios automatically!

You’ll find out much more this week and we’ll see how you do!

All in all, I plan to create different Trading plans for you to pick and choose from!

That’s all I’m going to write for today but do watch this space as you are going to learn an awful lot from me, okay?

Chat Soon!


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