Trials In Life Can Be A Good Thing!

Consider It Pure Joy, 
My Brothers And Sisters,
When You Encounter Trials Of Many Kinds… 

~ James 1:2



Today’s Verse May Seem A Bit Harsh To Some Of You
But How Often Have You; 
‘Laughed After The Event’
Of A Trial You Went Through,
Some Seconds,
Or Even Decades Ago?

We Too Go Through A Ton Of Trials And Tribulations
Trying To Figure This All Out In A Set Amount Of Time!

Time Is A Funny Old Thing
And Time As They Say (Whoever They Are),
Time Is A Great Healer!

So On The Subject Of Trials And Time,
This Is What We Are Offering You:

‘We have found that some have tested the Tenkei Fully Automated Trading Program but did not do so well on their first attempt or during their 30Day Trial

…and some have been brave enough to ask whether they could have another One Month’s Trial For £1 and the answer is a resounding:


And you can too!

In fact, you can Sign Up Today For Your £1 Trial and we will guide you in the right direction as in exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it!

Take Advantage
Of The £1/Month Trial!

So if you feel you have run out of time during your 30Day £1 Trial, simply cancel your subscription before you have to pay the monthly fee of £39.99

…and resubscribe for another 30Day £1 Trial again and again and again and again until you get it right and start making profits!

Yes, once you can see you can make enough to cover the £39.99 Monthly Subscription costs, you can then continue to use the Program until you’ve made enough, had enough or until life says enough is enough!

But please, don’t abuse the system!

Does that sound fair enough?’

End of Offer Message!

The Program, EA or Values that use a 1Minute Chart is proving to be the best so far, after all the work we did on the Second TimeFrame Charts too but never mind!

Here are the details, for those of you who now know the terminology:

Continuation Trades – 1Minute Chart – Stop Loss = 7, Take Profit = Infinity, Use Trailing Stop = True, Trail Step Trigger = 0, Trail Stop Step = 1, Use Tak Profit In Pips = True, Take Profit = 0

In order or preference, we like the:

  1. Continuation 1Minute Infinity:7, TST=0, TSS=1 
  2. Continuation 1Minute Infinity:15, TST=0, TSS=1 
  3. Continuation 1Minute Infinity:15, LITP=15, LIP=15, TST=4, TSS=2

Yes, it may sound like gobbledygook to some of you but we have in a sense created a new mode of language but once it’s loaded into the Program, it will all make sense and you will not have to lift a finger to operate it because it all works on Auto!

So, do Test or Trial this out, as you can keep on Testing and going through Trials until you get it right, all for £1 Per Month!

Have A Blessed Day!

Chat Soon!


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TenKei 7.0 And TenKei Total Profit Target Files – T7 & TPT

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