Trading Sabotage


It’s taken me a while to spot what I’ve spotted but I’ve spotted it, eventually!

Have you ever heard of the term: ‘One Step Forwards, Two Steps Backwards’?

Well, if you have been using certain Settings within the TenKei 7.0 ‘Input Settings’ you may have experienced some sabotage going on in your Trades.

Have a look at this…

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

I find the issue lies where the MaxTrades Value is set too high or even set to any number above #1!

So far today, using the Four Chart Setup worked beautifully but on the One and Two Chart Setup, it’s struggling due to the sideways movement in the DAX, now it still has the rest of the day to recover but I prefer my Trades to be done and dusted before 09:00 GMT.

So here it is:

When we have our MaxTrades Variable set to 3 (for example), the Expert Advisor will look for Trades and Trade or Open up to Three Trades at a time...

…now if we have one winning trade going in a certain direction, the EA could thereafter Open another Trade in the opposite direction!

Sometimes this works in our favour but sometimes it does not!

We need to cover all eventualities in order to have the EA running as efficiently as possible, with as few draw-downs as possible.

What I’m not too keen on is seeing a screen showing Buy & Sell Trades on the same Chart!

When that happens, the Winning Trades could be sabotaged by the Losing Trades as in the screenshot example above.

If you set your MaxTrades at too high a number, you will find yourself with many Open Trades, perhaps all going in different directions until the EA Closes your Trades, either for a Profit or Loss.

The same thing could of course happen if you have your MaxTrades to a number of 1 but less chaos would ensue.

So I where I mentioned to set your MaxTrades Value to between 1 and 3, my favourite = 1.

Try it out, Test it and you could – if you are like some folk – set your the EA to only look for Long Trades or Short Trades rather than Long & Short!


Test everything and find your way!

Chat Soon!


P.S. I still use Long & Short Trades!

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