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I’ve been doing my evening research and have come to the conclusion that it may not be wise to fully Trade until Monday 8th January 2018.


Depending on where you are, some Schools and Universities are still on holiday!

Some children go back to school on the morrow and many university students start on the 8th.

This leads me to believe some of the BIG Traders may also be off until next week, which may account for the sideways moves we’ve​ been experiencing on the DAX.

But the DAX did wake up at 14:30 GMT which was the Open of the US Markets.

The screenshot/trade I put up on the Blog today struggled all day and started to make a comeback towards the late afternoon and early evening!

Although the program may Trade up until 21:00 GMT, that’s really not the way I expect it to pan out.

If you are currently Trading, set your MaxTrades to 1, in order to prevent additional Trades opening and eating into your Winning Trade/s.

We expect to have more Winning Trades than Losing Trades and I am always studying the setups but more importantly I am also studying when the Traders are most likely to be at their screens or conversely, away from their screens.

The way we make profits is to let the EA Trade based on the moves or Trends of the BIG TradersInstitutionsMarket Makers and Market Manipulators!

Once they are involved, the Markets will move!

Have a good think about what I’ve written above and learn to set up your Programs when the BIG TradersInstitutionsMarket Makers and Market Manipulators are likely to be involved in the Markets.

So, tomorrow, take the day off – and the following day – and wait until next week Monday!

It’s going to be tough resisting the urge to place a Trade but this is where DisciplineMethodology & Patience will need to be exercised to the fullest!

Chat Soon!


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