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“Healing Words!”

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This is my story about my recovery from COVID-19.

Don’t let this virus get you like it got me!

Get your copy today and be prepared for the fight!



This is about my personal war with COVID-19.

It is a war!

An invisible war attacking both mind and body!

“It’s Like World War III”


“War Is Hell”

~ William Tecumseh Sherman

This isn’t a book on religion but maybe like you, I didn’t pray as hard as I did until I was faced with the thought I might die!

The TenKei Book Of Healing stems from my recovery from COVID-19 where part is covered in the form of a story written in a Blog on the web and of course on this very site

…and the crucial and important parts to healing and staying well are in the book!

“On So Many Occasions
I Woke Wishing I Hadn’t,
Desperate To Avoid The Severe Pain
That Had Now Become The Norm. 

I Would Have Preferred Not To Breathe 
Than Have This Agony
One More Day.”

Yes, it’s the story of how I won my personal war with COVID-19 is now available in a book. More info on how you can purchase the book and why should purchase the book follows below.  



The aim of The TenKei Book Of Healing is to enlighten you, to entertain you and to motivate you and to help you deal with COVID-19, should it come a knocking at the door of your life.

After Learning I Had Lost An Extraordinary Amount Of Weight,
My Thoughts Were:

“I Needed Motivating,
As Being In A Hospital,
Where All Around Me Were Sick And Dying,
Where The Doctors
And Nurses Were Fearing For Their Own Lives…

…What Possible Chance Did I Have In Getting Out Alive,
Without A Known Cure For An Unknown Disease?”

And did you know, every meaningful and positive piece of script as written from every motivational and self-help book on the planet…


And At The Time Of My Healing,
Whilst On The St Helier Hospital Bed…
…There Was An Orange Glowing Light,
Coming From The Top Left Hand Corner Of My Line Of Sight!


…I repeat, every meaningful and positive script from every motivational and self-help book on the planet can be found, in the multitude of verses within The Bible, which has stood the test of time, over thousands of years?

And why do people turn to Prayer when things get, really bad?

“I Spent Three Weeks Of Desperately Lonely Dark Nights,
At Home,
On My Sick Bed, 
Paralysed To A Point,
I Couldn’t Even Turn In My Bed!

An Hour Of Torturous Restless Sleep, 
Felt Like Eight!!!

The Nights’s Were Long,
The Day’s Too Short!

I Literally Lived In Fear Of Nightfall 
And Continually Prayed For The Day!

When It Was Night,
I Was Restless,
When It Was Day,
I Was Lifeless, 
Where The Suffering In Silence After Midnight To Morning,
Was Driving Me To Despair!”

And I have added more motivational verses within the extra chapters of The TenKei Book Of Healing to which all of them are within to enlighten you, to strengthen your mental prowess and to develop your Faith!



Yes, there are an additional Ten Bonus Chapters in the book that cannot be found anywhere on the web… so this makes it extra special, as the scripts run deeper and more provocatively into my mind and experiences.

And finally, I have added the very exercises I do, which will help build you up internally and externally where you will find yourself bursting with revitalised energy!

“My Body Had Wasted Away!

I Was Physically Weak And Battered!

I Didn’t Have Enough Strength To Stand 
Or To Turn On A Tap… 

…And I Was Even Too Weak To Wash My Hands!

One Minute
I Was As Cold As Ice On The Inside 

But Burning Up
On The Outside!

Then Suddenly
I Was Burning Up On The Inside 

But Cold As Ice
On The Outside

From The Hot And Cold Sweats,
I Lost A Litre Of Fluid Each Night 
And 7 Kilograms In Weight
And I Prayed It Would All End…

…As I Felt Death Would Be Better Than This!”

You do not want to catch COVID-19, ‘trust me’ and those are two words I do not use lightly!



If you are not already doing it, get yourself in shape and buy the book by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button anywhere on this page, to be prepared for the war to come!

Get yourself in peak condition following what is contained within the book!

And as you are nearing your new found peak, please do not hesitate to contact me to let me know how well you are and how you are getting on!


Bible Verse:

I Will Bring To It Health And Healing,
And I Will Heal Them
And Reveal To Them
Abundance Of Prosperity And Security.

~ Jeremiah 33:6