The Process Of Elimination

The Parable Of The Sower: 

~ Matthew 13:18



Do you know of the story or Parable Of The Sower, as told by JESUS?

It’s basically the sorting of the Wheat from the Chaff or The Process Of Elimination but I’ll leave you to seek out the rest of its true meaning…

…and you can do that by either reading your Bible or by following this link: and may I add, if you were to receive truly Good News, would you not be apt to spread it?

Well, the Parable Of The Sower is meant to end by the receiver of the Good News, spreading the Good News, or The Word, of GOD!

And on the subject of Good News and sorting the Wheat from the Chaff, we are closer to our desired TimeFrames

…as where the Continuation Trades work well, we are looking for the ‘perfect’(?) TimeFrame and where we thought we had found it, something else crops up, which proves to be a fraction better.

Where we favoured the 5Second Chart, we now find the 10Second and 15Second Chart are more stable.

Where we favoured the 2:1 Ratio, we now find the 1:1 Ratio works better because to make the 2:1 Ratio work well, a Trailing Stop is needed and if a Trailing Stop is needed and used, it does not make it a true 2:1 Ratio.

We are still in favour of a 5 to 7 Point Stop Loss as a recovery from a 5 or 7 Point Stop is far more easily achieved than a 10 to 15 point Stop.

We have also looked at the Reversal aspect of our Trades and to our surprise, the 15Second Chart does very well!

This has thrown something of a spanner in our results up until now, as we did not expect the 15Second Chart to be up to much but who are we to judge because all we are after is a TimeFrame and EA Setting that what works in harmony with the Continuation Trade.

As for the days we Trade, we’ve already deciphered Trading from Monday to Thursday is the best option and thus eliminating Fridays.

So, if we were to look at the mix above, based on our current findings from what has been performing the best to date, we have this:

Limit = Infinity or *Limit = 7 (i.e. 1:1 Ratio on 15Second Reversal)
Stop = 5 to 7
10Second Chart
15Second Chart
Trailing Stop = 1

We Are Seeking
The Perfect Formula!

That’s it so far!

It’s a beautiful arrangement of Values which work well but since we are Testing them in Real-Time and not on the Strategy Tester, it takes time to evaluate the results.

Oh… and did you know we still look and observe what the ‘Increments’ are doing on LCG?

If the ‘Increments’ are Five (5), it means the markets are slow and there aren’t too many active Traders around.

If the ‘Increments’ are 10 (Ten), it means the markets are making some moves and Traders are beginning to get interested.

If the ‘Increments’ are 20+ (Twenty Plus), it means the markets are making good moves and Traders are fully investing into the markets.

It’s a Non Farms Payroll day today and as I type, the ‘Increments’ on LCG are at 5 (Five).

Let’s discuss the 1Minute Charts for a second… they are (still) doing well and many of you who are using the 1Minute Charts like it just the way it is, so keep up the good work.

For the absolute beginners, we are looking at the (5Second), 10Second and 15Second Charts with a small Stop Loss.

If the 15Second 7:7 Reversal proves to be the the ‘new kid on the block’ and we will choose whatever is a straightforward, for you, the absolute beginner as possible.

We are looking for only one Trade setup which will make you consistent profits, without you having to think, make any decisions or even switch the Program off and on, as it will do it all for you!

Oh yes, for those of you Testing alongside us, the 10Second Chart, SL=7, UseTrailingStop=true, TrailStepTrigger=0, TrailStopStep=1, UseSLinPips=true, StopLoss=7, UseTPinPips=true, TakeProfit=0 works well but it needs to be Tested… by you too!

By the way, the Settings are very similar to what we added to the forum:

Developing The 5Second & 10Second Chart Settings

The only difference is the Stop Loss, so please feel free to Test the above Variables and Values, on different TimeFrames

…as sorting the Wheat from the Chaff through The Process Of Elimination can be an arduous task at times but the research and hard work will pay off in the end!

Chat Soon!


Please Note: Where there’s a fast moving Trending market, the Settings above work really well. Checking the Increments on LCG will show you when the market (of your choice) is moving, fast!

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