The TenKei Meaning

The TenKei Meaning

天 恵 : These are Japanese characters.

They are pronounced 'Ten' 天 - 'Kei' or 'Kay' 恵 (Japanese pronunciations)

means: Heavens, Imperial, Sky

means: Benefit, Blessing, Favour, Goodness, Grace, Kindness, Mercy

天恵 means: Heaven's Blessing, Gift Of Nature

That is why I use the name 'TenKei.'

So, in full, the name is simply 'TenKei' and when it’s translated into English, it means 'Heaven's Blessing' or 'The Gift Of Nature’.

What more can you ask for in a Trading System that is 'Heaven Blessed' or a 'Gift Of Nature?'

For the record, the Chinese way to write it is:

天 恩

The meanings are slightly different such as: Blessings Of Heaven, Favour Of The Emperor, Divination's Luckiest Day, Blessings Of Nature

is pronounced 'Tian (1)' in Mandarin or 'Tin (1)' in Cantonese.

is pronounced 'En (1)' in Mandarin or 'Yan (1)' in Cantonese.

I didn't use the Chinese version because the character is pronounced differently and to make it fit, it had to be pronounced 'Kei' to fit in with '10K,' which is otherwise known as 'Ten Thousand.'

This is the way I have put it all together...

...the aim is to earn £10K A Year! £10K A Month! £10K A Week! & ultimately £10K A Day!

Starting small, our aim is to help you build your way up, to the top!

So as long as you are hitting your 10 Points A Day Of Trading Profits, and it’s our purpose to ensure you do…

…you will have every good chance of hitting your £10K or TenKei targets!

Thanks for reading!

The TenKei Team