The 50Minute Trade


It seems some of you found it helpful and useful seeing the TenKei Settings here online, right in front of you, rather than having to trawl through pages of info to find it!

I know how you feel but the FREE Course is your Resource Guide to which you can refer to any time ‘you – want’ but at the same time, I want you to fully understand what I have stumbled upon here, or have been working on for years to develop.

Today took a tad longer than 5Minutes to hit Target, in fact, it took 10 times longer!

Yes, today took nigh on 50Minutes, which consisted of one Trade.

The first screenshot shows what was happening in the moment and we were actually 14+ Points up, which means we had hit our 11 Point Profit Target.

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

Then what happened?

In amongst all the action and excitement and whilst we were waiting for the TPT to shut our Trades down (because remember, we do not fiddle or interfere with the TPT, as the TPT is the Manager of our Trades), we could see it had passed our 11 Point Profit Target and we even thought we would have a good ‘Slippage’ advantage, so we took a screenshot for you…

…and thereafter, it pulled back to give us 12.11 Points Profit!

Oh dear!

But that’s not bad considering we set our TPT to take 11 and our true Target or Goal is 10 Points Profit!

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

So, what are the details?

Our Trade opened at:

Date: 2018.01.17 – Time: 07:10:17 – Price: 13186.25

And closed at:

Date: 2018.01.17 – Time: 08:00:57 – Price: 13198.36

At £1 per point it showed a profit of £12.90 where we are actually after 10 Points Of Trading Profits per day, so we are more than happy with the result.

How did you do?

If you have the very same Settings we have as you should, or ought to – you would have ended up with the very same results as above!

Now, can you see how this works?

It does work!

But as mentioned before, I am waiting for some New Code to arrive in order to improve it!

If you are thinking:

‘Can It Get Any Better?’

My answer to that question is:

‘Yes, it has to get better!’

So watch this space for the Update and when it comes, I’ll let you know but first I’ll have to test it out and once tested and once I’m wholly satisfied with it, I’ll let you know and that’s when you should all jump on board!

Remember, you can Test it out for a Full 30Days for just £1!

Anyway, enough of all that, as I have other things to be getting on with, so GOD Bless You and I’ll see you soon!

Chat Soon!


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