The 5 Second Charts Are Ready And Waiting, For You!

Do Not Let This One Thing Escape Your Notice:
With The LORD A Day Is Like A Thousand Years,
And A Thousand Years Are Like A Day. 

~ 2 Peter 3:8


What a month!!!

You don’t really care but I’ve been on this quest to find the right Settings for the 5Second and 10Second Settings for what seems like YEARS!!!

But how long has it really been, a couple of weeks?

I ‘Love’ the verse above and I sit down and think about such things too!

If you want to read not only my poetic words, the Bible has far more than I can ever produce to stimulate something within you!

Go on, read your Bible, even it’s it only a verse a day!

And from a day to minutes, to seconds…

It’s been a long time coming but our much preferred Second TimeFrame Settings are now ready!

You can now Load TenKei Seconds Timeframe Settings from here:
Included you will find:
1. How To Load Your Second TimeFrame In MT4

2. The Second Timeframe .SET Files

3. A  Second Timeframe CheatSheet

We prefer the 5Second Chart, as it does a tad more!

We are also using the 1Minute 73 and 22 Filters to give us an edge on the Trend as running the Chart without some form of Trend Indicator made it somewhat erratic but now we feel we have a very stable, simple to use Trading System which is a ‘One Size Fits All’.

There are two EAs to choose from… we would recommend starting with the Infinity:5,0,0,0,1 EA Setting.

The other Setting is a 2:1 Ratio, with an Infinity:5,10,10,10,1 EA Setting.

Of course test them both out but we have found on the Seconds Settings, the results are different to what you will get when using Live vs Demo.

As per usual, Trade with caution and stick to the recommended times!

We now use 07:59 GMT to 08:59 GMT


Because our Targets are normally hit in the first 30Minutes and if they are not, the losses we incur are usually small and easy to recover from as we are only Trading for 60Minutes.

If we can get it down to 30Minutes of Trading and still be profitable, we will!

What we are looking for are profits not only by the end of the day or week but primarily profits by the end of each month.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to ask.


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