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If you had read the last post, you would have seen mentioned that there is an upcoming Update!

This means the TenKei 7.0 is being improved!

And I was even sitting down thinking:

‘Should I call it the TenKei 8.0 or T10 K or some other (fancy) name?’

Then I realised I was just wasting time thinking about the wrong thing but here’s something really important for you to think about and that’s how to set up the TenKei Program and also what you could be doing in the meantime.

Below, you’ll find some screenshots of the main settings we use!

We do have multiple settings which are being tested – but to date – the settings below are the best and in order to improve upon it, that’s where we are going to add some New Code or Variables to provide more solid and definite Trades in the direction of the Trend!

So please make sure you learn the settings below, as that’s the main setup we will be focusing on, give or take a few small changes here and there!

 Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

The settings below are for what we call the Total Profit Target or the TPT, you can find out more about the TPT by following this link, or Clicking Here!

Where you see the Number 100, you can set that to whatever you wish and in order to understand what it means, you had best Enrol into the FREE Course and all will be explained.

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

Below, you’ll find what I deem as a typical day using the TenKei 7.0 or T7 and the TPT combined.

In the screenshot above, where you see the Number 11, that’s our Target for the day, so when our Points/Pips or Profit Target of 11 is hit, the TPT shuts down all Trades!

In fact, the TPT shuts down the whole MT4 Program!

This is to prevent losing control of yourself by over-trading or for when you don’t know when to stop.

For instance, today and yesterday, it only took one Trade to hit Target and thereafter, the TPT shut everything down!

Of course there are days when it takes longer or it produces more Trades to hit Target and I’ve been busy over the last few days looking into that!

I’m looking for more days like today (Friday January 12th 2018) and yesterday (Thursday January 11th 2018).

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

Oh yes, I nearly forgot, some folk restart the AutoTrading function manually to go for another 11 Points Profit, to which you can also do but in getting to grips with using that method, it’s best to set up a Demo Account to practice and learn and practice and learn…

…and this is what I mean by when I say Test, Test, Test everything!

Below are two images of what the AutoTrading Button looks like:

This is when the AutoTrading Button is Off

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

This is when the AutoTrading Button is On

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

By the way, going for an extra 11 Points Profit means you can rack up or accumulate more Points for the day but…

…you also run the risk of giving some of those Profits back!

Anyway, I am currently waiting for the New Code Update to arrive or for the newly revised TenKei 7.0 and I expect it to be something else!

I Expect It To Be The Best Thing I’ve Ever Come Up With!!!

So, I’m putting my ego and all that stuff on the line by saying or writing what I am but I ran over the Variables so many times where it has worked and since the current TenKei 7.0 already works, I am simply making changes in order to make what works, work even better!

Did you get that?

Anyway, it’s time to go, as I have some admin to deal with!

GOD Bless!

Chat Soon!


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