The Super-Trader Traits


The Traits Of A Super-Trader Are:


  1. Acceptance Of Losses & Losing 


  2. Confidence 


  3. Desire - A Driving Desire To Become Successful 


  4. Devotion - A Substantial Amount Of Their Waking Hours Is Given To Market Analysis & Trading Strategy 


  5. Discipline 


  6. Independence 


  7. Love & Passion For Trading 


  8. Methodology - To Which They Remained True 


  9. Patience 


  10. Resilience - Overcoming Significant Obstacles To Reach Their Goal 


  11. Rigid Risk Control

Please Note:

The Super-Trader Traits are a set of Traits to be learned and taken very seriously and not to be looked upon lightly as we would still expect a degree of the Super-Trader Traits to be administered...


...if we at TenKei Ltd feel you do not meet the Super-Trader Traits standards and requirements, even though we run a Fully Automated Trading Program...

...we at TenKei Ltd reserve the right to refuse subscriptions or cancel subscriptions at our discretion without the need for explanation as stipulated in our Terms #7. Site Terms of Use Modifications.

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