Some Detailed And Very Useful Information


The Fully Automated Trading Program Has Been Good To Us Again, 
Where We Had Only One Losing Day.

We Could Not Only Feel 
But We Could See That Our Losing Day 
Was Due To The High News Events 
That Occurred On Thursday Being 2018.04.12

We Do Not Mind Losing
So As Long As We End Up In Profit
At The End Of The Day, 

And Ultimately, 
The Year!

We Are Going To Put Up The Weeks Results, 
As It’s Far Easier To Do, 
Rather Than Showing You Equity Curves Which Makes One’s Mind Boggle.

As Of Late, 
We Have Been Sending Out Emails With The Day’s Results And Below, 
You’ll Find A Typical Email But Also With A Lot Of Added Extras.

The Added Extras Start From Where We Start To Discuss News Events
So Please Do Not Think We Send Out An Email Like This During The Week…

…As We Do Actually Like To Keep Things Simple!

So Here’s Today’s Email That Was Sent Out To All Subscribers:

Today: 2018.04.13 – If you had your 1Minute Contrarian 30M Filter set up and ready to go from 07:03 GMT, your 11 Point  Target should have been hit by 07:47 GMT.
Once your Target is hit, your TPT should automatically shut everything down!
Please ensure your Trade Time Settings for your 1Minute Contrarian 30 Filter is as follows:
Option One:
TradeTime_Start_Time_1 = 09:03
TradeTime_End_Time_1 = 09:59

TradeTime_Start_Time_2 = 
TradeTime_End_Time_2 = 11:00

Note: The Time Settings above are using the GKFX Time = GMT +2
Note: Please leave the remaining TradeTime_Start_Time_ boxes blank. 
Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

DAX – Week Ending 2018.04.13
Contrarian 1 x 1Minute Chart 1M22F – 30M22F – 30M73F – MaxTrades = 1

Here Are The Added Extras:
SB requested that we send Updates on News Events and here is our first attempt at breaking it down for you:
Today’s Trade was straightforward as there were no pending News Events
News Events can affect the mentality of the Traders, which can affect the movement of the markets, which in turn can affect the Market Trend, which can ultimately affect the performance of the TenKei 7.0 EA.
In order to avoid getting caught up in News Events, please ensure you check a week in advance what News Events are due.
News Events that can affect our project are:
  1. High EUR News at 09:30, 10:00 GMT

  2. High GBP News at 09:30 GMT

  3. High USD News at 13:30 GMT

There are other times to take into consideration but for the Week Commencing Monday the 16th of April 2018, the days to be aware of are: 

  1. Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 10:00 i.e. High EUR News (Trading Options: No Trade, Trade from 07:03, Trade 14:33 to 16:30 GMT)

  2. Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at 09:30 i.e. High GBP News (Trading Options: No TradeTrade from 07:03, Trade 14:33 to 16:30 GMT)
The two days above would be the only two days to consider not placing a Trade, placing the usual Trade from 07:03 or setting your EA to Trade from 14:33 to 16:30 GMT.
The reason for setting your EA to Trade from 14:33 to 16:30 GMT is due to the fact that we can still take advantage of a two hour Trading slot at a time when Traders are busy Trading entering the US Market Open.
For ease of use re: your UseTradeTime Variable, please consider using the following Time Settings:
Option Two:
TradeTime_Start_Time_1 = 09:03 (Unofficial DAX Open i.e. 3Minutes After The Hour)
TradeTime_End_Time_1 = 11:00

TradeTime_Start_Time_2 = 
16:33 (US Open i.e. 3Minutes After The Hour)
TradeTime_End_Time_2 = 18:30
TradeTime_Start_Time_3 = 21:00 (Into the US Close)
TradeTime_End_Time_3 = 22:30

Note: The Time Settings above are using the GKFX Time = GMT +2

The Time Settings above will allow you to capture the best Trading times of the day.

Where using TradeTime_Start_Time_1 = 09:03 to TradeTime_End_Time_1 = 11:00 the only consideration is there will not be a break before the European Open at 08:00 GMT.

Another Trade Time option for you to consider is to Trade the following:

Option Three:

TradeTime_Start_Time_1 = 09:03 (Unofficial DAX Open i.e. 3Minutes After The Hour)
TradeTime_End_Time_1 = 09:59 
TradeTime_Start_Time_2 = 
10:03 (European Open i.e. 3Minutes After The Hour)
TradeTime_End_Time_2 = 11:00

TradeTime_Start_Time_3 = 16:33 (US Open i.e. 3Minutes After The Hour)
TradeTime_End_Time_3 = 18:30 (European Close)


The above Time Settings will be taking advantage of the:

  1. DAX (unofficial) Open (at 08:00 CET, 07:00 GMT, 09:00 GKFX GMT +2)

  2. European Open (at 08:00 GMT, 10:00 GKFX GMT +2)

  3. US Open (14:30 GMT, 16:30 GKFX GMT +2)

  4. European Close (16:30 GMT, 18:30 GKFX GMT +2)

4:30pm Is Also 16:30 Or Half Past Four.
16:30 Is 18:30
(At The Time Of Writing)

If you wish to continue using the current Trading Time plan, please use Option One.

If you wish to take advantage of all three Trading Times and are not averse to the Volatile moves at the 08:00 GMT Open, please use Option Two.

If you are risk averse and do not wish to take the risk of getting caught up in the European Open at 08:00 GMT but still wish to take advantage of the two best Trading Times, please use Option Three.

Once your Trading Target has been hit i.e. 11 Points Profit, if it is achieved during TradeTime_Start_Time (and End_Time)_1, there will be no need to continue into TradeTime_Start_Time (and End_Time)_2 or 3 as your TPT should automatically shut everything down. 

Only continue Trading after your Target has been achieved if you choose to — but we would not recommend it — as we class this action as ‘Over-Trading’.
If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to make contact.

End Of Email.

Please Note: The Images were not included in the email.

Yes, this post may look busy but the information above is vital to the success of the Fully Automated Trading Program results…

…once it’s keyed in, you will hardly need to lift a finger to do anything else.

We’re going to end this message for the day in order to allow you to absorb the information above!

Have A Blessed Weekend!

Chat Soon!


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