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On Tuesday The 9th Of January 2018 The Most Amazing Thing Happened!

It’s Not So Amazing If You Are Used To Looking At The Markets!

What Happened On The DAX Was That
At A Certain Point The Price Would Not Budge An Inch,
Or A Point Past 13400!

Some Call It Support
If It Was Attempting To Break Below 13400

Some Call It Resistance
If It Was Attempting To Break Above 13400

To Me,
That Was Perfect Control Of The Market
And It Also Meant
That Traders Were Stuck In Trades They Didn’t Wish To Be Stuck In!

It Also Meant That Someone Was In Total Control Of The Markets!

I Was Once Told That The Thing To Look Into
When Studying The Markets
Was Where Market Manipulation Could Be Taking Place,
Not The Simple Supply & Demand
Market Manipulation!

So Here Is An Email I Wrote After Tuesdays Debacle



A quick but comprehensive message:

Today was a Classic Case of ‘Market Manipulation’ or of some Body or Institution controlling the Market, or at least the DAX!

There was movement on the DAX but it kept stopping dead in its tracks each time it approached 13400

It only broke 13400 a few times but it was hard work doing it!

Now, I no longer pay much attention to the Price of the Market but I do pay attention to the movement or Trend.


Today, rather than helping us, the Traders Of The World hindered us!

So, I have had a piece of additional coding on my mind which will help solve the problems that crop up when the Market cannot find its true Trend or direction.

This addition to the current code will prevent the EA from overtrading, or better put, it will only Trade if and when a True Trend is present!

This is a BIG Deal, as I am telling you that I am going to ‘Crack The Code’ before it cracks me!

In order for this to happen, I have just this evening written additional code and sent it off to my programmer!

I have played the new setups over and over in my mind for months and I have also studied not only the DAX but every Chart I see in front of me and visually and mentally and even manually, it works every time!!!

We simply have to get it coded!

The TenKei Program already uses the code but at present only one third

…and when all 3 parts are added into the TenKei System, this thing should be a BEAST!!!

A very successful one!

I have been delaying it because the TenKei System has been working beautifully – but enough is enough – as when someone out there starts playing around with the movement of the Markets, I want to ensure we do not get caught up in their games!

Yes, I am angry!!!

Each time we lose a Trade, we are caught up in their game but we often come out winners because they eventually have to decide which direction they want the Markets to go in.

This New Code addition will keep us out of their shenanigans and get us in once they have decided on some given direction in the Market, even if it only Trends for 10 to 15Minutes!

Are you still with me?

All being well and as long as my programmer can decipher my code and put it into the MT4 coding language, we’ll be even further ahead in the game.

I am currently writing this from my iPhone, so please forgive me for the line spacing etc…

Anyway, that’s all for now, so ‘Watch This Space’.

Chat Soon!


P.S. Some of the Settings I used to Trade with today were very successful but they are still in Test mode. Once I have the new code, I will Update your current EA (for those of you who are already using it) as part of this package.

For those of you who are not yet fully in, stay where you are for now and I’ll let you know when it’s fully ready!

In the meantime, Trade on Demo or in very small Lots or as mentioned above, simply keep on studying until I have the new code testedready and delivered to you!

Delivery Will Be Via Email

GOD Bless!

End of Email!

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