Satan Is Real, Very, Very Real… And So Is JESUS!




The script in ‘Black’ relate to the fifth morning after I was admitted into St Helier Hospital and it’s what I sent out to my family.

This may sound strange to some of you non-believers of the spirit world or as I see it, in GOD, in CHRIST and in Angels – who are also sent – and here to watch out for us – and guide us…

…but now…

…we are gradually going to go deeper into what I experienced and I was not dreaming, I was not hallucinating…

…I was, wide awake!

But the strangest thing is, as it may once again seem to some, is this:

‘Where I was alone, where it was dark, where it was well past the middle of the night and where it was still many hours before dawn, that’s where I had my deepest darkest moments when wrestling with the Devil!’

He’s pretty tough in the sense he will attack you physically and if he cannot pull you to your knees…

…then he goes for your mind, as unfortunately, he knows your every thought and fancy too, so he preys and plays on that too!

So, beware!

Know that Satan is real but so is JESUS!!!


Biblical vector illustration series, the temptation of Jesus Christ


So if you do not Believe there is Good (in this world) or GOD or JESUS but Believe there is Evil (in this world) or the Devil or Satan

…how is it possible to have one without the other?

I’ll tell you right now, do not take any chances with what is to come once your body dies…

…as do you not know;

‘You Are Not A Body With A Spirit’

‘You Are A Spirit With A Body’

And once the body goes back to the dust – the – your ‘spirit’ will continue to live on but where it lives on, is the BIG question?

Cover yourself by ensuring you give your life to CHRIST, as it already belongs to HIM anyway…

…but Satan can steal your Soul in a heartbeat, so watch out!

What I experienced over the three weeks of torment was Hell and from what I have been hearing and seeing is that many people who have had an attack of the COVID-19

…they too, have visited or had a taste, of Hell!

It wouldn’t be a nice place to be if your spirit has to remain there for all eternity…



…because eternity is a very, very, very long time…

…as eternity, never ends!

And life, is fleeting!

Can you not remember your youth (your school days) as though it were yesterday?

You’ll find the timelines go in and out and back and forth but stay with me, stick with me, as everything will come together, as the main aim of this site is to help you and your loved ones deal with the COVID-19 and give your life (back) to CHRIST, whether COVID-19 comes a knocking at your door or not!


Tuesday the 7th April 2020 – Day Five In St Helier Hospital

Knowing that, that negative voice who I shall now refer to as Satan is always telling us what we want to hear…

…he also has friends and associates out there doing the same and who are also trying to directly and indirectly hurt us and pull us down.

The positive voice, who I shall from now refer to as JESUS, doesn’t try to coerce us because HE doesn’t have to.

It often takes a good butt kicking (pardon my language) from Satan for us to go running into the arms of JESUS/GOD.



Often, when Satan is giving us a hard time to a point we cannot take it anymore, that’s when we turn to JESUS/GOD and start making deals and promises.

‘A Promise Is A Comfort, To A Fool!’

You do not have to make any deals with JESUS, HE’s too cool for all that…

…as all you have to do is A.S.K!

Ask and it will be given to you!

Seek and you shall find!

Knock, for everyone who knocks, the door shall be opened.

Matthew 7:7


How neat is that?

I have always heard JESUS’ voice, always and HE also annoyed me because I had Satan also talking to me, where I liked and preferred what Satan was saying.

‘Satan Is The Best Sweet Talker I Have Ever Come Across, In My Life!’



He’s brilliant at it!!!

A connoisseur!!!

After the sweet words of Satan, once he sucks us into what ever scheme he has planned for us, then he starts slapping us about!

What is that all about?

What is his problem?

Well, he’s doing his best to niggle JESUS because were are the property of JESUS!

We belong to HIM!

Our bodies are the temple of GOD/JESUS, so we must not defile the temple of GOD, which in turn are us, you and me.

So, when we start defiling ourselves, Satan loves it and what happens eventually is we run into problems.

JESUS lives in us and that’s another reason Satan does those illegal punches!

He’s trying to punch JESUS out of us, just so he can live in or wait for it, possess us!

After 15 Heavyweight Rounds with Satan, not unless you give into him, the only other place to turn to, or throw in the towel…



…is to GOD/JESUS!

JESUS is cool, calm and collected!

HE doesn’t beat us up, HE just tells is as it is as HE speaks the Truth.

And yes, the Truth can also hurt (at times) but it is still the Truth and the right and only way to go.

‘The Truth is doing the things we know we should do and it is also the things we do not want to do because to follow through can often mean getting some sort of rejection, resistance or embarrassment.’

Remember, it’s only Satan and his friends trying to get in your head, heart and soul…

…and come to think of it, that’s a BIG deal.

The way I see it, this COVID-19 business is simply a conversation going on between JESUS and Satan.

Satan is kicking butts and JESUS is simply waiting to see if you will stick with the prodding of Satan (and the prodding means extreme pain and suffering)…

…or will you come (back) to HIM, JESUS?

Why do I say:

‘Come back to HIM’



Because GOD/JESUS created us, not Satan.

Anyway I’m listening to a reggae song called:

‘Not Afraid’ by a band called: ‘First Born

It’s on repeat!

Yes, these are scary times indeed, in fact it’s pretty downright terrifying, isn’t it?

It’s not good!

But JESUS talks to us in ways we are unaccustomed to which does not and most often does not come in the form of writing like this or in face to face conversation.

But here’s one for you!

Grannie Williams (my Mum) always used to say to me:

“Son, Read Your Bible.”

“Willy, Read Your Bible.”

Grannie Williams, was the only person bar one friend called Fiztroy Smith who called me ‘Willy’.

But Grannie Williams really annoyed me too, to a point of me feeling angry at times…

…where often I would say:

“Okay Mum, Yes, Okay But Stop Pushing Me, I Will!”

But never did!

I got into Self-Improvement instead!

Grannie Williams wasn’t too happy.


This Is My Mum,
Grannie Williams,
In Her Latter Years,
G.W. Was The Head Of The Family…


I wanted to build myself up mentally through books and material created by motivational speakers and the such and you know what?

I found the very best motivational speakers such as Zig Ziglar who was one of the best motivational speakers I have ever come across, were using scriptures from the Bible!

I couldn’t believe it!!!

So I started to look at my Bible, simply to see if what they were saying correlated with what was in the Bible

…and it was and it did, every single time!

I later realised that the motivational speakers’ material were all from the Bible

…so I started reading my Bible instead,  it’s less on the pocket too, rather than having to pay BIG bucks to the motivational speakers.

That’s one way, JESUS spoke to me!

I have always heard HIS voice through my life experiences, where some of what HE was telling me also annoyed me and some of what HE said taught me a lesson.

Have you been to the ‘School Of Hard Knocks’ before?

It not a particularly a comfortable way to gain knowledge but you definitely do learn, lots!!!

The ‘School Of Hard Knocks’ is also another conversation piece between JESUS and Satan, where Satan is trying to play us…

…but if we listen to the right voice, we will come out victorious from the ‘School Of Hard Knocks’.

So, Grannie Williams is no longer here to tell me to read my Bible.

Yes, I miss my Mum immensely.


This Is Me
And My Mum,
Way, Way Back When…


But you will hear her tell you to read your Bible, not from her own voice…

…but from my voice and words.

“Read Your Bible!”

And JESUS will talk to you from there too!

Do not always lean on another man’s translation of the Bible, dig deep, read, feel, sense JESUS’ presence because HE will talk to you in ways that are Unfathomable!

So, be still and listen!

And if you are looking for a Church to go to or attend (where currently it’s all via video streaming) make sure it’s a Bible based Church where they are preaching from the Bible and not from their own man-made words and beliefs.

COVID-19 has now given all of us, the whole world a chance, to be still and listen.

So what are you going to do, listen to JESUS, confide in HIM ask HIM what he wants of you?

That’s a good idea because I did and it helped as I am currently still here, passing it on:

“Read Your Bible…”

Satan is having a laugh, he always is!

He can try his best to thwart JESUS but he can’t as JESUS can kick his butt harder than Satan can kick ours!

But Satan still picks on us…

…man, he is also a bully of the highest order!

Satan thinks he is hurting JESUS by hurting us.



Pain is pain and it hurts at times where you think you have reached the end of your days on earth!

I know first-hand but pain is fleeting as after all is said and done, the pain will subside if we A.S.K – JESUS for help…

…and if we stick with HIM until it really is time to leave this earth…

…man, that really will be the coolest, warmest and best place to be!

No more pain!

No more fear!

The fear, you can eliminate right now by confiding, in JESUS!

I am not in any more COVID-19 and pneumonia pain, thank GOD/JESUS!

What’s next for me?

Well, it looks like JESUS got me to write this, as I as a human have no idea where it all came from!

Hold on!

I do!

It did come from JESUS, as I am not this kind of writer and/or communicator.

But in my state of greatest pain and what felt like near death, I asked JESUS what HE wanted me do, as I have never really followed through on anything HE has asked me to do…



…and now we have the above message for you…

…to share, now, soon or one day, with every one you come into contact with!


Can you do that, or are you too afraid?

Listen to the song…


“Do Not, Be Afraid!”

“Do Not Fear COVD-19, Satan… And It’s/His Friends!”

“Do Not Fear, Anything!”

P.S. Where you hear the word Selassie in the song, fret not, it’s just another name for GOD/JESUS

P.P.S. Read your Bible…



Bible Verse:

“Have Not I Commanded Thee? 
Be Strong And Of A Good Courage;
Be Not Afraid,
Neither Be Thou Dismayed:
For The LORD Thy GOD Is With Thee Whithersoever Thou Goest.”

~ Joshua 1:9



This site is dedicated to:

  1. Saving Lives
  2. Saving Souls

GOD Bless you!

Wilson P Williams MSHAA, HAD

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