Out With The Old And In With The New!

Behold, The Days Are Coming, Declares The LORD,
When I Will Make A New Covenant With The House Of Israel
And With The House Of Judah.

~ Jeremiah 31:31


I was torn between an opening of ~ John 13:34, where JESUS says:

~ John 13:34

But even though I have used both verses (intentionally), we can also focus on ~ Jeremiah 31:31 where gone are the days where Bulls and Goats were given as a sacrifice for the atonement of (our) sins to where the sacrifice or crucifixion of JESUS is the one and only ultimate sacrifice for the the atonement of our sins!

This means the sacrifice of Bulls and Goats will no longer be needed!

Truly, I Thank GOD for that!

One sacrifice and that’s it, all sin is covered?

Yes, I like that!

This post is all about What’s New and making a sacrifice, yes the theme is:

Out With The Old And In With The New!

We are doing away with the 1Minute Chart and turning our attention to the 5Second Chart and 10Second Chart!



Remember, the TenKei 7.0 EA Continuation Settings work wonderfully but it’s a matter of finding the perfect combination to make it win, consistently, with as small a draw-down as possible but with as LARGE a gain as possible.

I’ll have you know, it’s been agonising finding these Settings!

We have always loved the 2:1 Ratio Settings but our beef about that is; if we are looking for a 10 Point Gain/Limit, with a 5 Point Stop (for example), sometimes the Price will go as high as 9 Points in our favour…

…but if it does not hit the 10 Point Target, it can also go all-the-way-back-down to hit our Stop, which means we lost on that Trade, when we could of at least salvaged or Locked In some profit!

Even though the 1minute Chart is deemed as fast, as compared to the 5M, 15M, 30M and 60M Charts etc… it’s still too slow when looking for or selecting a Trade using the Tenkei 7.0 EA Continuation Settings.

For example we have seen is the 1Minute Chart sitting there twiddling its thumbs doing nothing whilst the 5Second Chart and 10Second Chart were busy getting on with the business of making Trades

…and enough Trades were made where the losses were not devastating but the gains were exactly the same as what we could have obtained on the 1Minute Chart!

So, we have been Testing the much desired 5 Point Stop, with great results!

Targets Were Hit Using A 5 Point Stop!!!

Yes, a 5 Point Stop seems ridiculously low — but it works — because even though the Stop is low, the 5Second and 10Second Chart coincide with the apparently and seemigly small Stop, as the moves, setups or Trades are ‘relative’ to the moves on the 1Minute Chart!

Did you understand that?

Every thing is the same, except it’s simply on a smaller scale, it’s like looking under a microscope.

If you look at earth from space, it looks (almost) the same as any other planet, being something round but with blue and white colours with glimmering lights or stars in the background.

But if you look at the earth from earth itself, there are all sorts of colours and all sorts of wonderful things going on — and what about what we as people — bring into the mix?

If you were not understanding me before in relation to what the 5Second Chart and 10 Second Chart can do, are you understanding me now?

There is so much detail to be seen, even within the 5Second Chart and 10 Second Chart but remember, that detail is for the TenKei 7.0 EA to deal with, spot and Trade!

Do not forget, I too thought it was a silly idea to use such a small timeframe but if it produces better opportunities than the 1Minute Chart with less waiting, smaller losses and the same profit potential, I’ll tip my hat and accept it!

Out With The Old And In With The New!

The 5Second and/or 10Second timeframes have not been created by us but by someone called fxtester, therefore, it’s to fxtester  and  the website TradingSystemForex that we must give thanks!

So, in order to get (you) started using the 5Second and/or 10Second timeframes, please follow the link below to find out how to apply the 5Second Chart and 10Second Chart to your MT4 Trading Platform.

We will provide the TenKei 7.0 EA Settings to coincide with the 5Second Chart and 10Second Chart in due course.

So, get started by loading the Second TimeFrame Charts  from TradingSystemForex and we’ll be back soon with more info.

Here’s the link again:


Chat Soon!


P.S. What we’ll do is add the new Second TimeFrame EA Settings to the TenKei CheatSheet and we will be removing some of the older Settings.

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