Oh, To Be A Subject Matter Expert!




The script in ‘Black’ relate to my second day at home after I was discharged from St Helier Hospital and it’s what I sent to a church member.

My original title for this post was:

‘What Happens When You Have Conversations With GOD!’

And how on earth did it change to ?:

Oh, To Be A Subject Matter Expert!

Well, I did have a conversation with GOD, as that’s easy enough to do, as all you have to do is talk to HIM

…and once you experience something first hand, such as COVID-19 and survive it to tell the tale, one would become pretty much a ‘Subject Matter Expert’ on the particular subject, wouldn’t they?


This Is Me, In A Suit…
What Is A Subject Matter Expert?
A Subject Matter Expert (SME)
Is A Person Who Is An Authority
In A Particular Area Or Topic.


With regards to this post, I received a text from a church member or from one of my church family and he simply asked me how well I was – and me being me – as of late, not being able to just say:

“Very Well!”

I went on to write:

I’m Back To Normal
Apart From My Spiritual Awareness,
Which Is Way Up There
And It Feels Fantastic!

And not only that, I went on to write more of what I went through to how grateful I was to recovering having so many people backing me up, caring about my condition and…

…Praying for me!

You’ll find the timelines go in and out and back and forth but stay with me, stick with me, as everything will come together, as the main aim of this site is to help you and your loved ones deal with the COVID-19 and give your life (back) to CHRIST, whether COVID-19 comes a knocking at your door or not!



Saturday 11th April 2020 – The Morning Of Day Two At Home

Dear Andy,

All are well and healthy (re: my family), including me, considering what I went through and what I was like three weeks ago!

How are you and your family, is everyone well?


GOD has made me something of an expert as in how to deal with the COVID-19

…and that’s to Pray, Pray, Pray and Pray without ceasing!

During my worst and lowest point, I saw visions of JESUS sweating blood!

That’s how hard I was praying once I realised death was sitting at the end of the hospital bed I was in, waiting to take me where I did not wish to go at that point in time!



But I was ready to go into the arms of JESUS but I thought:

“Hold On!

I Haven’t Really Done Anything To Do You Justice LORD…

…If I Am Spared From The Throes Of Death,
I Will Do Whatever You Ask Of Me!”

And here I am, fighting fit almost as if nothing happened – as the hospital doctors were perplexed as to how healthy and fit I was – in such a short space of time…

…when in fact I was admitted into a St Helier Hospital bed as an Emergency with:

1. Shortness Of Breath

2. Fever

3. Cough



4. Chest Pain

5. Haemoptysis – The Coughing Up Of Blood

To see me in a few days cheering up the patients, helping the nurses and singing and Dancing!

It was amazing!!!

I also almost had the time of my life in there too!

Isn’t that strange or is it through the supernatural powers of GOD, HE kept me positive and happy as I did not in any way feel desperate to come home…

…and I never felt discouraged or sad except for the night I prayed hard…

…I just wanted to be well again, where then I would be happy to go home!

And to think, I went three weeks, at home suffering and being tormented by Satan and his disciples and I still refused to go to the hospital until a demon started stabbing me in my chest…

…with what felt like an extremely sharp and narrow blade.


This Is A Nice Looking Knife
But It Felt As Though
It Was A Knife, Like This,
Piercing Through The Top Right Hand Side Of My Chest,
On Every Single In Take And Out Take, Of Breath!


Come to think of it Andy, if that demon did not start stabbing me, I would not have gone to the hospital for healing in medication and Prayer!

And I may not be here, to tell the tale!

GOD is good!

Please thank everyone at church for their Prayers as I know you and the church family also contributed greatly to my amazing healing!

GOD Bless you!




Bible Verse:

For We Are GOD’S Handiwork,
Created In CHRIST JESUS To Do Good Works,
Which GOD Prepared In Advance For Us To Do.

~ Ephesians 2:10



This site is dedicated to:

  1. Saving Lives
  2. Saving Souls

GOD Bless you!

Wilson P Williams MSHAA, HAD


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