Give Thanks, To The NHS And To All The Staff At St Helier Hospital!





I was admitted into St Helier Hospital on Friday the 3rd of April 2020 where I Wilson P Williams actually resisted going to the hospital or any hospital!

My body was sick, my body was ill, my body was suffering for three whole weeks where I could not get out of my bed without a mammoth struggle and where I had to think about getting up 10 minutes before I actually got up!

That’s not lie, it would take two minutes of concentrated concentration, just to sit up!

So, eventually and finally I went to the hospital or was taken to hospital and that was after two previous visits from the NHS 111 Paramedics.

Previously, I dug my heels in and resisted going!

But once I was there, it was one of those cases or feelings where I thought:

“Why didn’t I do this in the first place?”

And once I was in, in the safety and care of the NHS St Helier Hospital Staff it was beautiful…

…I felt thereafter my whole condition of physical pain was akin to plain sailing!



And the reason for writing this post is because I want to personally thank every person in the hospital I encountered (and did not encounter) where they in one way or another helped, served, assisted or cared for me.

I was in Ward A5 (Bed 4).

So, without further ado I want to thank (in no particular order):

  1. Dr Jayrajah – who I can’t even remember meeting (sorry Dr Jayrajah) but he was the main Doctor who cared for James, Frank, Colin (other patients in the ward) and myself.

    Thank you Dr Jayrajah!

  2. Ionut – An HCA (from Hungary) who carried an air of confidence and knowledge about him, which in turn gave me confidence in my healing.

    Thank you Ionut!

  3. Delores – An HCA who did the night shift.

    Thank you Delores!

  4. Meenah – An HCA (from Ghana) who very kindly shared a family remedy with me which helps build up ones immunity…

    That was very kind..

    I liked Meenah, very much!

    Thank you Meenah!

  5. Christina – A Nurse (from the Philippines), who even though she felt and looked rough one evening continued through with her duties and she came back the following day too!

    I felt like saying: “Christina, take the rest of the week off!” but the Hospital was already short staffed as it is.

    I had some nice conversations with Christina and I even got to see her (pretty) face when she was not wearing a mask.

    Did you know the person you see with a mask looks completely and utterly different to the same person you see, without a mask?

    The masks really work in order to mask the appearance on one’s face!

    And let’s Hope and Pray they continue to mask and ward off the COVID-19 spores too as they appear to be doing a grand job, so far.

    Thank you Christina for caring for me!

  6. Delores -Yes, another Delores who is an HCA who did the day shift.

    Thank you Christina!

  7. Dr Murli – Who came in to see me to take blood I think, as there were so many members of staff seeing to me, I couldn’t keep up with all the roles they played… please forgive me Dr Murli – but I remembered you and your name!

    Thank You Dr Murli!

  8. Victoria – An HCA (from Nigeria) who did the night shift.

    Victoria is the sort of person you do not mess around with but underneath her seemingly stern outwardly appearance, she has a heart of gold.

    Victoria also gave me some tips from Nigeria to aid my healing.

    We also communed with GOD, together and she helped with reminding me we have GOD the FATHER, GOD the SON and GOD the HOLY SPIRIT, as I had plum forgotten the trinity, or I had a mental block, where she recalled it for me at 04:00 in the morning as I was still up writing at that time.

    Thank you Victoria!

  9. Michelle – Who served us with Tea, Coffee, Juices, Biscuits, Lunch, Dinner and multiple top ups of water.

    Michelle was fantastic!

    She didn’t say much but the way she served us by keeping us replenished in much Food and Water, she spoke volumes!

    Michelle even provided me with extra biscuits… Ssshhhh!

    Michelle, Thank you!

  10. Tina – Who served Breakfast, Elevenses, Lunch, Tea, Biscuits, where she seemed to be always coming into the Ward asking me if I wanted some orange juice!

    Yes, Tina did a very special thing for me on our first encounter, where she went out of her way to get me some orange juice, where there was no orange juice on the trolley.

    I think she had to go into the Hospital food supplies, where I imagined it to be in the depths of the hospital locked behind a steel door four feet thick.

    Because, she was gone so long the dishing out of teas and coffees had ended over 10 minutes after she had returned!

    Now if you think the main trolley I mentioned was a small tea trolley, it was not a trolley in the sense of something one person can wheel about by themselves. The food trolley looked more like a portable restaurant.

    Tina is not a full time ‘Tea Lady’ (so to speak).

    Tina is in St Helier Hospital serving Teas, Lunches and Dinners whilst she waits to go back to her real job with is in being a Teaching Assistant.

    Tina, I hope I remembered that right! 

    Tina works in a school and since many schools have closed because of the current situation the whole world has found themselves in re: COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, she has pulled up her sleeves and found alternative work serving patients in St Helier Hospital.

    What A Star!

    Thank you very much Tina!

  11. Chiela – Who served Tea, I only saw or met Chiela once.

    Thank you Chiela!

  12. Patricia – Who served Tea, Coffee, Lunch, Dinner etc…

    Patricia comes from Angola and speaks Portuguese as they speak Portuguese in Angola, to which I did not know!

    Did you know they spoke Portuguese (as their first language) in Angola?

    Patricia is a student and it was Patricia who was the second party out of the two Tea girls who were calling me out of my healing Orange slumber…

    …where they had no idea what I meant or was saying when I asked:

    “How long were you calling me for?”

    And wait for it… Patricia’s English, is perfect and so is her Portuguese!

    Thank you Patricia!

  13. Kathy – You know who you are!

    Are you a nurse Kathy?

    Well all I know is you took blood from my left arm.

    Kathy dashed in and out so quickly, I didn’t get a chance to find out anything about her but her name.

    Thanks Kathy (the blood taker)!

  14. Steve – who very kindly kept the floors clean and germ free.

    We had a jamming session where Steve (who is a Bob Dylan fan), I and Ward A5 were listening to song from Bob Dylan such as:


    Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (not the best song to play when in a hospital, come to think of it)…

    Like A Rolling Stone and various other songs.

    It was on that day being Wednesday the 8th of April 2020 that I was playing music LOUD enough to hear in my Ward but not too LOUD as to disturb other Wards (I think)…

    …where I was pretending to be a DJ where I voiced my eclectic music session with the words:

    “You are listening to Radio St Helier on a beautiful Wednesday morning, where I want you all to ‘Get Up And Dance – And If You Cannot Get Out Of Your Bed, Well, At Least Shake A Leg!'”

    We had fun, didn’t we Steve? 

    It was great to meet you!

    Thank you Steve for the education in music too!

  15. Alma – A nurse from Portugal, where I think Alma bust some moves on the hospital floor, for a few seconds respite… am I right or wrong Alma?

    “Dem were some good moves Alma!”

    Thank you Alma!

  16. Tintu – A nurse who originally from Karala, where we had a great conversation and where we were even getting into the discussion of meditation.

    In order for me to be able to breathe deeply again it took looks of concentration or let’s call it meditation to focus only and clearly on my breathing.

    Tintu has a daughter who is all the way back in Karala, India and because of COVID-19, she is unable to visit her daughter and her daughter is unable to see her mum.

    Thank you Tintu!

  17. Chanel – a very young nurse who zipped around at the speed of knots.

    I could see Chanel was dedicated to what she did.

    I asked her how her name came about and if I remember right, Chanel’s Mum named her Chanel after Chanel number 5(?).

    Chanel, did you say your sister’s name is Coco?

    I do not jest…

    …am I getting confused with all of the information I am trying to remember?

    Thank you Chanel!

  18. Grace – An HCA who seemingly did not want to give me her name when I introduced myself.

    Perhaps hospital staff are not used to patients introducing themselves as many patients, if not both patients in my ward were unable to hold a conversation.

    Grace worked on the night shift.

    Grace was nice…

    Thank you Grace!

  19. Frederick – Who comes from France and was born in Brittany made sure the bins were changed on a very regular basis and also ensure the whole Ward was germ free.

    In fact, Frederick is a a barista who is working and serving patients and hospital staff whilst the COVID-19 is here as many business have shut down.

    Do you know what a barista is?

    Well, I didn’t know what a barista was but now I do:

    barista (/bəˈriːstə, -ˈrɪstə/; Italian: [baˈrista]; from the Italian for “bartender”) is a person, usually a coffeehouse employee, who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks.

    I got on well with Frederick and I hope and pray he can get back to doing what he loves as soon as possible.

    Thank you Frederick!

  20. Miguel – Who helped keep the hospital germ free!

    In fact Miguel is a Pastor who preaches on the streets of North London.

    Boy did Miguel have good energy and I only found out about him because I took the time to say:

    “Hello” – “Who Are You?” – “And What’s Your Name?”

    Well, I didn’t do it quite like that but I think you may be getting an idea of what I’m like even through reading what you are reading on this site.

    Thank you Miguel, Keep Spreading The Good Word!

  21. Alpa –  who is a nurse where Alpa also gave me a recipe for well being which includes a special mix I will share with you on another page.

    Alpa was so excited when she saw that I was drinking warm water.

    She drinks nothing but warm water.

    I feel we really connected Alpa, do you?

    Thank you Alpa!

  22. Kareen – Who also took my blood!

    Well I had a bit of trouble pronouncing Kareen’s name at first as I thought he said his name was Kareem.

    You would have thought the same thing too right?

    Especially when one’s mouth is covered by a mask, it makes it almost twice as hard to hear every single word and syllable, to which I am used to hearing and you too, I guess.

    Sorry about the twenty tries it took to get your name right Kareen but we got there in the end, right?

    I mean how many Kareens do you know as apposed to Kareems?

    Oh.. It didn’t really take twenty tries…

    …it took nineteen!

    “What’s In A Name?”


    Thank you  Kareen!

  23. Yusef – From France who was absolutely first class in the way he helped me choose my meals, where I learned I was ordering less than I was entitled too.

    So I started ordering everything as my appetite was going through the roof and the food was so delicious too!

    They must have had Michelin 3* Chefs on point, the food was so good!

    We also had a great conversation about this and that, it was great!

    Yusef, come on you’re from France, you even have a defined French accent where there’s no denying you are French…

    …speak to your children, in French, you know you should, you said it yourself!

    Thank you Yusef and I know you have moved on to do other things but I do hope you get to see this message, some way and some how!

  24. Abigail – Who is a Nurse who came into my life as quickly as she left as I only had the pleasure (I believe) of her tending loving care for one evening (or night shift) only.

    Thank You Abigail!

  25. Dr Morgan – Dr Morgan you are last on the list but by no means least.

    Dr Morgan is a Junior Doctor and he was so thorough in all of his thoughts and decisions to a point I could almost feel and hear him thinking.

    He was good, he is good, he worked hard, he works hard!

    People, please do not fuss about not wanting to see Junior Doctors, as they are still Doctors and if they did not qualify, then you would have something to be concerned about.

    I feel Dr Morgan is something of a prodigy and I was pleased, proud and happy to have been his patient.

    He did look young though, where this old boy (me) even said:

    “You’re parents must be extremely proud of you…”

    And thereafter I ensured my dentures were properly in place!

    I jest…

To all of the above, I Love You and I Thank You!

You too were instrumental in saving my life!


Oh, I must not forget to mention:

  1. Awa – A Paramedic who carried my bags when I left Ward A5 and was part of the team, with Adam who dropped my home, right outside my door!

    I invited her and Adam to come in for a cup of tea (even though I don’t  drink it but I do have such beverages in my home, just in case) whenever they were in the area, after this COVID-19 escapade, that is!

    All I could see is how well Awa applied her eye liner as she looked like an East African Queen and I complimented her on it too!

    It’s the artist in me that is prone to speak up and speak my mind when I see things of beauty or things that fascinate me!

    That means, at times I may never shut up, as there is beauty, every where, is there not?

  2. Adam – A Paramedic who was there waiting with a wheelchair at the ready on my departure from Ward A5, where I flat refused (with a smile of course) and offered to wheel him instead.

    On my admittance to St Helier Hospital, I was wheeled to the Ward A5 which is a very humbling experience and I wasn’t about to be wheeled out!

    Why not?

    Well, as far as I was concerned, I was no longer, ill, unhealthy, infirm or unable to help myself.

    In fact, at no time did I mentally believe I was ill, unhealthy, infirm or unable to help myself, until Satan said: 

    “Right, so you think you’re a tough guy eh?

    “Lying down and writhing in your bed for three weeks and not giving in to my torture of nightmares, hot-sweats, cold-sweats, headaches, eye aches, dizziness, tinnitus, loss of appetite, severe fatigue, backache, sleeplessness, restlessness, breathlessness, inane chatter going throughout your mind when you knew is was not your own thoughts, surviving nights that felt like they lasted 24 hours, when in fact it was only five and less.”


    “…Mr tough guy Wilson, so how’s about this one then…”

    “…how’s about getting stabbed in the chest, now see if you can tell yourself you’re fit and healthy!”


    That’s me Wilson saying “Ouch”, as that did hurt, a lot!

    Anyway, Adam has a great sense of humour, primarily because he was amused and laughed at every word that came out of my mouth…

    …and primarily because I was in extremely High Spirits!

    Not because I was going home but uncannily enough, I was in extremely High Spirits from Day One to Day Six in my stay at St Helier Hospital.

    The evening of Day One was my darkest day where all was dark and still and where I thought I was going to die.

    Adam, you have the most fantastic smile.

    Thank you for lowering you mask (just a tad) after I had got 4 meters away from you and thank you for the lift home!

I mentioned to a friend that my stay in St Helier Hospital was one of the best experiences of my life!



Now, I’m not saying you should all start lining up to get into St Helier Hospital but if you do happen to visit or end up as a patient, take it from me…

…you will be in most excellent hands!

Please say a prayer for all of the St Helier Hospital Staff I have mentioned as they are in the front line which is a very, very dangerous place to be.

Can you imagine being in any kind of war (for example) where you are told to get out of the trenches and march towards an enemy you cannot see with a high risk of being shot down dead before you can even see a shadow of the enemy.

This is what each and every NHS member of staff is facing, each and every day!

They are facing death every day, from the general staff all the way up to the Doctors…

…so really, after what I’ve seen, they need all of our prayers for their own well-being and spiritual safety so as they can continue to stay well so they can continue serve us, so they go home to their families after each shift (battle) and to help the world to continue and go round and round and round.

To all of you named above and to all of you not named and to whom I have never ever met Thank You and GOD Bless you!

I’ve got to say this for all of you hard core folk who may be against the NHS and the government:

GOD Bless, The NHS



Bible Verse:

“‘Love The LORD Your GOD
With All Your Heart
And With All Your Soul
And With All Your Strength
And With All Your mind’;
‘Love Your Neighbour,
As Yourself.’”

~ Luke 10:27


This site is dedicated to:

  1. Saving Lives
  2. Saving Souls


GOD Bless you!

Wilson P Williams MSHAA, HAD


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  1. Effu Jones says:

    You have reduce me to tears as no one can discribe what you had being through, unless they themself had been through it. Bless so much for sharing.

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