• Today the M5 TenKei Reversal Strategy did well, again!

    It took two (2) Trades to hit Target on one Setting and one (1)Trade to hit Target on the second Setting we are investigating.

    The Settings you will not have is as follows:

    Lock_In_Trigger_Pips = 11 (rather than 7)
    Lock_In_Pips = 10 (rather than 6)
    TrailStepTrigger = 11 (rather than…
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  • So far, since last week being Tuesday the 28th of May to today being Tuesday the 5th of June 2019 the TenKei Reversal Strategy has been doing very well!

    Remember, we are not keen on Trading Fridays but the EA may be!

    Also remember, you could use the TenKei Reversal Strategy to assist you in entering a Trade, where you could manually manage it…[Read more]

  • Progress is good!

    Progress is very good!

    As long as we are still here, Trading that means we are making progress!

    What we want is for everyone on the Forum to start interacting and that may take some work and a BIG push on our part but there are good things you now need to know with regards to the EA.

    We will be sharing our knowledge and…[Read more]

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    Happy Is He That Hath The GOD Of Jacob For His Help,
    Whose Hope Is In The LORD His GOD:
    ~ Psalm 146:5


    How does that title make you feel?

    Happy too?

    Or perhaps resentful?

    I have my […]

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    When The Centurion
    And Those With Him Guarding JESUS Saw The Earthquake
    And All That Had Happened,
    They Were Terrified And Said,
    “Truly This Was The Son of GOD.”
    ~ Matthew 27:54

    Hello, […]

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    Delight Yourself In The LORD,
    And HE Will Give You The Desires Of Your Heart.
    ~ Psalm 37:4


    That sounds like a pretty good deal, re: the Verse above but what do you think?

    Well, I do my be […]

  • TenKei wrote a new post, Give Thanks! 12 months ago

    Give Thanks To The GOD Of Heaven!
    HIS Loving Devotion Endures Forever.
    ~ Psalm 136:26


    It’s Thanksgiving in the USA but shouldn’t we always be giving Thanks, to GOD?

    Well, here are some […]

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    Then You Will Remember And Obey All MY Commandments,
    And You Will Be Holy To Your GOD.
    ~ Numbers 15:40


    Remember, I don’t find it easy preaching the Word but… I have to, therefore, I do! […]

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    May The LORD Cause HIS Face To Shine Upon You
    And Be Gracious To You;
    ~ Numbers 6:25


    Here are some Numbers from last weeks results for you to study…

    The screenshot below shows the res […]

  • TenKei replied to the topic Trading In General in the forum The TenKei Forum 1 year ago

    We like out New TenKei Settings!

    We have tested them out on Fridays and it works but…

    …on some days, being Fridays, it’s nothing to do with the EA not working, it’s to do with the market not moving!

    We can see right here and right now that the DAX Daily Chart is struggling to make a move!

    This tells us there are not too many Trades being…[Read more]

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    And He Called The Multitude, And Said Unto Them,
    And Understand:

    ~ Matthew 15:10


    That’s a pretty confusing title isn’t it?

    5Second Chart Infinity:15,10,1 (5/10)?

    What does […]

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    Do You Not Know That In A Race All The Runners Run, 
    But Only One Receives The Prize?
    Run In Such A Way As To Take The Prize.
    ~ 1 Corinthians 9:24
    The Race Is Not To The Swift…

    Hello […]

  • The new TPT Ratio Settings are working nicely, where we can now make much more than 10 Points Profit per day but we’re not sure it’s something we would continue doing until the year zip!

    All we really want to ensure is we hit at least 10 Points Profit per day!

    As of late, we have been hitting 20, 30, 40 and 50 Points Profit in a day but it means…[Read more]

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    Pray Without Ceasing. 
    ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:17


    We are now using some new Settings which are so exciting because they are producing the results we have been looking for and they are far be […]

  • Using the Settings:

    TotalProfitTarget = 200
    TotalStopLoss = 100
    AutoTradingTime = 10:03

    Is purely for Test and investigative purposes and we are not telling you or advising you to follow suit.

  • We have now set GKFX to these Settings:

    TotalProfitTarget = 200
    TotalStopLoss = 100
    AutoTradingTime = 10:03

    And we find the: 15,10,1 (5/10) 5Second – GKFX Setting works really well!

    What you will find if you set your TPT to 200 is you will Win & Lose Points but we have already been up to 20 Points Profit

    …but of course that can all b…[Read more]

  • We have been working on the TPT Ratio for some time now and where we tend to have our TotalStopLoss set to 100, we are now going to Test the TPT where our TotalProfitTarget will be set to 200.

    This is using the 2:1 Ratio.

    Therefore using the new EA Settings the TPT Settings will be as follows:

    TotalProfitTarget = 200
    TotalStopLoss =…
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  • The latest Settings are all equally going as well as each other:

    TenKei EA Settings Update: – FXCM & GKFX

    9,10,1 (15/30) 1Minute – FXCM & GKFX

    9,15,1 (5/10) 5Second – FXCM
    9,15,1 (15/15) 1Minute – FXCM & GKFX
    9,15,1 (15/30) 1Minute – GKFX

    15,10,1 (5/10) 5Second – GKFX
    15,10,1 (15/30) 1Minute – FXCM & GKFX

    The following are yet to be Tested:…[Read more]

  • For now, please take note of these seemingly odd/unusual number combinations!

    They are based on the TenKei EA Settings used on FXCM & GKFX.

    What’s written in Bold is currently being used and works but we want to break it down to its core combination which will provide the smallest and best Stop Loss, the largest and best Entry being as close t…[Read more]

  • Hello Marcus,

    The latest results are on the site right now, for the 5Second Settings. A slight variation of the same settings works on the 1Minute Chart too between FXCM and GKFX.

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