‘Keep Moving Forward!’



The script in ‘Black’ relate to after I was discharged from St Helier Hospital on Thursday the 9th of April 2020 and it’s what I am writing personally to you.

To think, state or say those words ‘Keep Moving Forward!‘ does not often come lightly…

…as it often means there are great challenges ahead or even at times impending danger.

But did you know, when I write to you, I am in fact also writing, to myself!

Therefore, I too have to ‘Keep Moving Forward!’ and there is no one to push me forward – but me… but if you wish – I can help you to forward too!



So, if it becomes my task to help you to move forward, in turn, that will help me to move forward as I will have to step up to the plate, to rise above the ashes and simply make sure I get up each morning to face the day…

…whether I feel like it of not!

And the same goes for you!

So, I am pleased or even to some degree, relieved to say I have finally completed the book I was working on or writing, which are my experiences in having suffered at the hands of COVID-19 or Satan as I put it…

…and finding a way to deal with it!

You’ll find the timelines go in and out and back and forth but stay with me, stick with me, as everything will come together, as the main aim of this site is to help you and your loved ones deal with the COVID-19 and give your life (back) to CHRIST, whether COVID-19 comes a knocking at your door or not!


Even Though We May Zig-Zag In Life,
Even Though We Move Back And Forth,
In Thought,
In Time,
And In Life,
No Matter What…
…’Keep Moving Forward!’


As, when I was in the moment of being under the influence of COVID-19, it was a whole different world, where now I am not staring death in the face, it is so easy to forget it all, to a point where one may even think, it did not even happen.

But I have to hold onto it, which in turn helps me to hold onto my Faith in myself and in JESUS CHRIST – because do not forget – the Devil is forever trying to pull us back into that life of, debauchery and all things mentally and physically unworthy of our attentions.

Oh yes, I have to fight those feelings too!

Anyway, the book I have been working on has been completed and it is called ‘The TenKei Book Of Healing’, so do get your copy today, as it will help you, I give you my word!

I liken it, to not me writing the book but GOD leading me and guiding me to writing the book…

…is that a strange thing to say?

Well, it never crossed my mind to ever do something like this until I was urged by a friend (via text), whilst I was sitting on a hospital bed, getting over COVID-19 in St Helier Hospital, Sutton, Surrey.


Please Click On The Image,
To View The Introductory And ‘Buy Now’ Page


…and since many of us have been affected in one way or the other by COVID-19, where our families, our lives, our finances and powers of earning an income have been interrupted and/or destroyed, we are now on a transitional journey into ways in how to better ourselves, to reinvent ourselves and to earn, whilst working from home.

And as some of you already know, I will be revealing a Trading style I have been developing, in absolute detail!

Please bear in mind, it will be no-holds barred where I will supply you with every morsel of information that I have ever used and as in how I view and perceive the markets.

At times, you may even find it too much to take in – but you will have me to verbalise certain aspects of it – because I fully understand that not everyone likes to read or is a reader.


And for you non-readers, you will also have images, more images than you may care to have and… these images will allow you to create your very own Trading Algorithms from the like of the image as seen above!

Also, full instructions are already written for the programmer of your choice to fully understand how to create the Trading Algorithm.

Does that ‘Sound’ good to you?

Do you like what you ‘See’?

Does it ‘Feel’ like something of interest to you?

Does it make ‘Sense’ to you?

I will find the way you like to absorb information and I will provide it to you, to your way of liking!



And on the subject of reading or the dislike of it, it was only just today I received a text from a friend; as we touched upon reading lengthy text or script as compared to hearing something by ear, which is as follows:

‘This I’ll Never Forget,
My Teacher Said Two Things;

‘That A Short Pencil Is Better Than A Long Memory!” 

“If You Give Someone Instructions In Print
They Will Have Many Ways Of Understanding Them.

If They Cannot Read,
They Will Ask Someone To Read It To Them.

If They Do Not Understand What Was Read To Them.
They Will Find Someone To Explain It To Them.

If They Do Not Know How To Carry Out The Task,
They Will Find Someone To Show Them.”‘ 


‘When They Have Your Instructions
To Follow As To The Printed Text,
They Will Get The Credit.’

~ Jeff Phoenix-Sealy



Let’s ‘Keep Moving Forward!’

Steadily forward, in all respects, okay?

Remember, I will find the way you like to absorb information and I will provide it to you, to your way of liking!

What with using the very same concept (and of course some additional skills and ideas) as seen in the screenshot above, it has helped the £500 account grow to £747.47 (in 27 working days) which is a 49.494% increase as from 05/05/2020.

And I am going to pull everything I have together, well, I am in the process right now and to do that feels more challenging than Trading itself!!!

But as I previously stated, once you have it all, you will know it all and we could melt and meld our minds together, to which I would think would be absolutely brilliant.


To Think…

…and to think of worthy, interesting, beneficial and entertaining causes that is ‘In The Best Interest, Of All!’



In the meantime, stick with me, as the pulling together of the necessary information, which will be pretty much everything has to be collated in such a way, so once received, you will know exactly what to do, from the get-go!


Bible Verse:

Forget The Former Things;
Do Not Dwell On The Past.

~ Isaiah 43:18


This site is dedicated to:

  1. Saving Lives
  2. Saving Souls


GOD Bless you!

Wilson P Williams MSHAA, HAD

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