The Most Important Things To Know Are…


It appears as though some of you have been receiving different Trading results from the TenKei Team re: the settings that have been released on the web.

After making contact with those of you who have been receiving differing results, we found that the settings used were not exactly the same as given, so please do checkdouble check and quadruple check your settings

…because being one digit out ‘will’ make all the difference to your results!

In the meantime (as I had mentioned before), please hold off from ‘Live Trading’ and resort to Demo Trading for now!


1. Tomorrow (Monday the 15th of January 2018) is ‘Martin Luther Day’ being a holiday in the US, which means the markets around the world may be quiet but you can still keep an eye on the DAX to see what it does.

Most often, when the UK, Germany or the US is on holiday (being a Bank Holiday), it tends to be a quiet Trading day on the FTSEDAX or DOW but then again, the markets may make good moves anyway!

But the safest route to take, is to take a break when the FTSEDAX or DOW are on holiday.

2. Please remember that I am awaiting some New Code that will improve the TenKei 7.0, so, please be ‘Patient’ and wait until it’s ready.

Hopefully, it will be ready this week but since the New Code is so complex, my programmer always tests it before it’s sent to me and once I receive it, I’ll be testing it to ensure it works the way I expect it to work.

So, please ensure you input your Values correctly, Demo Trade it (as it does work) and for those of you who are still studying the course contents, please keep on studying!

What you’ll find is, once you know how to ‘Input The Values’ from memory (and you will be able to do it) the only other thing you will need to know is how to ‘Load The Files’ into your operating system.

In ending, The Most Important Things To Know Are…

  1. Knowing how to ‘Load The Files’ and ‘Input The Values’ are the most important factors to making this work!
  2. Knowing when the markets are on holiday!

So, with regards to the TenKei 7.0 please be ‘Patient’ and I’ll let you know once I receive the New Code, as once I do, I’ll be testing it fully for consistency and reliability and once done, I’ll release it to you!

Chat Soon!


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