I’m Off The Oxygen And Breathing On My Own!


This Is Me And I Am Not As Unhappy As I Look!
It’s Just That It Does Not Make Sense To Me In Smiling,
When I Am Taking A Picture Of Myself,
As I Can Only Smile…
…If Something ‘Makes Me’ Smile!

The script in ‘Black’ relate to the third afternoon after I was admitted into St Helier Hospital.
This post relates to the third day after I was admitted into St Helier Hospital and it’s what I wrote to my family.
Certain parts have been edited and added but the facts and information are real, accurate and true.
You’ll find the timelines go in and out and back and forth but stay with me, stick with me, as everything will come together, as the main aim of this site is to help you and your loved ones deal with the COVID-19 and give your life (back) to CHRIST, whether COVID-19 comes a knocking at your door or not!

Sunday the 5th April 2020 – Day Three In St Helier Hospital

I am feeling a lot more like normal…

…as the comparisons to not being able to literally lift a finger to buttering your own bread (as I manage to do with ease this morning) is HUGE!!!

The hospital is jammed packed with COVID-19 patients and not one of them are moving about…

…they are just lying there!



They have taken me off the oxygen as they say my oxygen levels are now good.

Oh Dear!

Now I feel like I’m on my own again, as at first I could not tell whether the oxygen was helping me because in my own time I tested it with and without and could not tell the difference at first…

…but when I felt myself getting slightly out of breath on Saturday the 4th of April 2020 when I was walking about without the oxygen, I realised it was doing something for me (so, thereafter, I spent more hours practicing breathing than I was sleeping)…

…and now?

It feels like they are taking away a lifeline – and – So Soon?

The doctors said my oxygen levels were good, so it was down to the Deep Breathing I had been relentlessly doing (to which I am still doing, to this (very) day!).

And it’s now that I really have to dig even deeper to breathing deep, on my lonesome…

…in through the nose, down to the abdomen and out through the mouth.

I Love You, All!

Note: The worst thing you can do is lie flat on your back and if you suspect you have COVID-19 / Coronavirus, sleep or lay down with support behind you giving you a 45 degree angle setting.

I was almost sitting or sleeping sitting up, as the hospital bed was incredibly comfortable and (to me) it didn’t make much difference how it was set, as each position felt comfortable!


This Is An Image Of The Actual Hospital Bed I Was In
And This Is How I Personally Set It!
I Spent More Time Practicing Deep Breathing Than Any Thing Else!
I Also Spent More Time Relaxing,
Rather Than Sleeping,
As I Had Been Sleeping For The Last Three Weeks
And I Wasn’t Having Any More Of That!
I Wanted To Be Aware,
Of My Surroundings!


Do not lie on your back if you have COVID-19 as you are at risk of suffocating due to the inability to breathe properly because it attacks the respiratory system and due to the fluid in your lungs due to pneumonia (if you have it) drowning you!

I think I wrote the word ‘DUE’ too many times in the sentence above but I’ll let it go, just this once!

And last but not least (in this particular post, that is), the worst thing you can do is to be immobile, so if you can move about, continue to do so but of course, take it easy.

That’s all for now!


Bible Verse:

“In HIS Hand Is The Life Of Every Creature
And The Breath Of All Mankind.”

~ Job 12:10 


This site is dedicated to:

  1. Saving Lives
  2. Saving Souls


GOD Bless you!

Wilson P Williams MSHAA, HAD

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  1. Get well soon Wilson.
    Keep improving.
    You’ll have to eat your way out of there!
    Apparently the porridge ant so bad as my friend Roy Fowler has been telling me ! He’s also been on the St Helier al a carte menu.some 6 weeks now. He’s 78…..

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