I Think I Saved A Life!




The script in ‘Black’ relate to the seventh (very early) morning after I was admitted into St Helier Hospital and it’s what I sent out to my family.

The post is all about me telling you of what happened to me after I was kept in for an extra night in St Helier Hospital and having to stay in an extra night where the days were relatively long…

… and in hindsight I realised I was holding it together without thinking about holding it together.

I didn’t sleep much throughout my stay in St Helier Hospital, not because I couldn’t sleep but because I just could not stop writing!!!

Never have I written as much as have written before in my life – but there wasn’t much else to do in hospital – so it appears GOD gave me a greater gift of writing and expression whilst in hospital.

We are going to get spiritual again, where I will in effect be taking you into the spirit world.

Open your mind…

…open your mind and keep it open – as for some of you – it may be difficult to comprehend…

…but now I have set you a challenge (so to speak), let’s see if you can rise to it!

You’ll find the timelines go in and out and back and forth but stay with me, stick with me, as everything will come together, as the main aim of this site is to help you and your loved ones deal with the COVID-19 and give your life (back) to CHRIST, whether COVID-19 comes a knocking at your door or not!



Thursday 9th April 2020 – Day Seven In St Helier Hospital

I wasn’t upset having to stay in hospital an extra night.

In fact, I have not felt not one iota in the emotion of being upset, down or miserable, since I’ve been here!

I had one moment which only lasted minutes after they told me I had lost 7kg in four days…

…but you know what?

One of doctors who has been caring for me who is in fact a junior doctor (where the fully qualified doctors and consultants step in when necessary) said there is no way I lost 7kg in four days.

So, I’m not sure how the HCA (Health Care Assistants) and nurses came to the conclusion I had lost 7kg, when I’m sure they did not weigh me since my arrival.

Anyway, having spent another night here, I wanted to get a good night’s sleep and by that I meant at least eight straight hours…

…as I have only slept eight hours in the last two days.

I’m not adding an exclamation mark (!) after the above sentence, as I wasn’t bothered about having ‘only’ eight hours sleep in two days, as I woke up early the last two days with my mind racing full of creativity. 



Anyway, last night (Wednesday the 8th of April 2020) I went to bed at 21:00 🕘 on the dot and I was determined to get a full eight to nine hours of continuous sleep.

Oh yes and because I had to stay in another day for tests re: my incredibly fast Heart Rate of 120bpm where normal equals 60 to 100bpm I had something of a (new) incredible experience…

…and here it comes!

They told me I now had to fill a large plastic lidded container every time I want to do a number one.

Since I have been drinking 2.5 Litres of water each day, I have been spending quite a bit of time taking trips too the loo…

…and now I had to go (so to speak) in a 5 Litre Plastic Natural Jerry Can.

So, that aided me in getting lots of practice in getting in and out of the hospital bed (which was rather like exercise) but now I had to take the 5 Litre Plastic Natural Jerry Can to the bathroom and fill it up!

Come midnight 🕛 whilst I was having a very cosy sleep, I heard a din going on which woke me up, where I could see they were bringing in another patient.

He looked in a really bad state!

He looked like a GIANT and he had an oxygen mask on and his eyes looked like they could not open.



In fact, he (too) looked like he had been a few rounds with a heavy weight boxer, where his eyes were all puffy!

So once I saw what was going on, I said to myself:

“Now Go Back To Sleep!”

But something was bothering me!

Something was niggling and having a bit of a nag at me and this is where it all began yet again, another conversation between the Positive me and the Negative me.

The Positive me or voice, who I shall from now refer to as JESUS

…and the Negative me or voice who I shall now refer to as Satan we’re having a conversation with me, again.

I wanted to sleep!

I wanted to get a full uninterrupted 8Hours sleep but it was already being broken up with the wee-wee breaks.

Should I be calling it wee-wee breaks if it is breaking and/or disturbing my sleep?

Anyway, JESUS was saying:

‘Have A Look At The Man
Who Has Just Come In On That Gurney
Who Now In His Hospital Bed To See If He Is Okay.’


This Is How I Slept,
When It Was Lights Out
But When The New Patient Arrived,
There Was No Way I Could Not See Him,
As There Was A Pretty Bright Night Light That Was Only,
Day And Night!


Then Satan said to me:

“Come On,
Check On Him?

He’s None Of Your Business,
Go Back To Sleep…

Besides If You Go And Start Getting Into His Business,
You’ll End Up With Yet Another Night Of Shortened Sleep!

Look At The Time!”

 To which I did and I saw the time was now 00:15 – and Satan continued with:

“Can’t You See It’s Already Past Midnight,
I Mean,
If You Meddle In That Man’s Affairs,
You May Find Yourself Being Up,
All Night!!!

And If You Meddle,
As You Always Do…

…Always Talking To People,
Always Being So Friendly,
You’re A Pest!!!

You Can See, 
There Are Less Than Six Hours To Go Before It’s 06:00 🕕
And You’ll Get Less Than Six Hours Sleep
As You Know You Tend To Wake At 06:00 🕕.

If You Meddle In His Business,
That Could Take Up To An Hour
And Then You’ll Only Have Five Hours Sleep To Play With!



Come On Wilson,
You Know You Like Eight To Ten Hours Of Sleep
And You Already Know
You Have Only Had Eight Hours Sleep In The Last Two Days!!!

Don’t Be So Ridiculous,
Go Back To Sleep,
It’s None Of Your Business,
That Man Is None Of Your Business,
Mind Your Own Business,
As You Know The Hospital Staff Will Look After Him!”

And I agreed with Satan and I thought everything he was saying was spot on!

I didn’t want to be up all night again, talking to a perfect stranger, when I knew I was tired and wanted to sleep, so I hunkered down and did my best to go back to sleep…

…but JESUS stepped in again and said:

Look At The Man That Just Arrived
To See If He Is Lying Down Correctly,
Just Have A Quick Look At Him.”

And since I was lying down (on my back) at a 45 degree angle, there was no way I could not see him – and all it took was for me to open my eyes – and there he was clear as day to the right of me…

…but I had my eyes squinted so I couldn’t see him wholly and in my imagination I was likened to lying on my left side with my back to him, as I really did not want to get involved!


In My Imagination,
I Had My Back Turned To The New Patient Arrival…


But because I couldn’t sleep out of guilt(?) or part interest, I looked at the man and I saw he was lying flat – on – his back with his hospital bed having a slight incline of about an 11 degree angle.

I thought and said to myself:

“He’s Lying Down Too Low!”

So Satan said to me:

Go To Sleep,
Go – To – Sleep!

You Need The Sleep
And If You Happen To Go Home Tomorrow,
You Don’t Want To Be Tired Again,
Do You?

You Don’t Want To End Up Going Home
And Straight Back To That Bed
Where You Had Three Weeks Of Torture,
Do You?

Don’t Be Silly,
Don’t Show Yourself Up!

GO – TO – SLEEP!!!”

Now I was really annoyed, as JESUS told me to have another look at him!


Psalm 121:1-7


Without trying to sit up any more than I was, as I was already lying down or sitting up pretty straight anyway, if I sat up any more, that would more than likely wake me up fully…

…where I would be at an angle of 90 degrees!!!

The reason for the acute(?) angle of 45 degrees, is I was told if one lies flat on their back where they have suspected COVID-19 they are at risk of catching Pneumonia.

Well, I already had it but I didn’t know if the man had!

So when I looked at the man, I could see he was lying too low!

But now I was looking, looking and looking at him through the corner of my right eye…

…but really, (as mentioned earlier) since I was lying down fairly straight I could see him as clear as day, it’s just that I kept on closing my eyes because I didn’t want to get involved.

After much this and that with the hospital team because he had only just arrived, I couldn’t help myself or JESUS told me to at least talk to him, so once the nurses had gone out, I asked:

“What Are You In For?”

Sounds like a old inmate new inmate conversation opening line, doesn’t it?

He said in an extreme breathless and shaky voice:


Then I said to myself:

“Okay Wilson,
You’ve Done Your Bit,
Now Go To Sleep…”


‘Tartini’s Dream’
Tartini Violin Sonata in G minor ”Devil’s Trill Sonata”


Or was that Satan talking to me?

So I went back to sleep, or at least, tried because I was doubly thinking:

“He Said He’s Got COVID-19!!!

And He’s Here In The Ward, 
With Me!!!

Why Did They Bring Him In So Late
And At ‘My’ Last Minute, 

Before My Release?

I Was Told I Was COVID-19 Double Negative…

…But What If That Secondary Infection
The Hospital Staff Have Been Talking About
Happens To Be Me Catching COVID-19,
From Him???

Just When I Was At The Last Hurdle!!!

Just When I Was At The One Yard Line!!!

What If I Catch COVID-19?!?!?!…

…All Over Again!!!”

So who was talking to me now?

JESUS or Satan?



Then I heard him (the newly admitted COVID-19 patient) call the nurse to ask if she could lower his bed, as he felt it was too high.

Too high?

He was already more or less lying down completely flat!!!

Now this is when JESUS said to me:

Don’t Let Them Do It,
Do Not Let Them Lower His Bed! 

In Fact,
His Bed Should Be The Same Angle
As The Hospital Bed You Are In…

…Do Not Let Them Lower His Bed!!!”

So now, I was getting incredibly annoyed as I sat bolt upright and asked him his name to which he said his name is Gary.

I then said:

You Have To Elevate Yourself! 

If You Lie Flat On Your Back,
You Are At Risk Of Catching Pneumonia
Or Suffocating In Your Own Chest And Throat Liquids.”

Long story short, he got the nurse to prop him up to 45 degrees and then Gary and I went through a very detailed and lengthy breathing session, you know…



  1. In Through The Nose 

  2. Out Through The Mouth 

  3. Place Your Tongue To The Roof Of Your Mouth i.e. The Palate And Leave It There As You Breath In Through Your Nose And Out Through Your Mouth 

  4. Bring The Intake Of Your Breath Down To Just Below Your Navel 

  5. Breathe Out Slowly And Listen To The Sound Of Your Breath As You Expel The Now Used/Stale Air Out Of Your Mouth 

  6. Develop An Equal Rhythm In Your Breathing 

  7. Once You Can Do The Above When Inhaling, Hold Your Breath For Three Seconds Before Exhaling Again

And so on…

When Gary came in, his breathing was more likened to that of a panting dog on an extremely hot summer’s day…

…just as I was, when I was admitted into the hospital, on Friday the 3rd of April 2020.

By the time we had finished he was already breathing deeper and not panting like a dog.

But you know what?



The two HCA’s on duty started telling me to keep my voice down and then they went into saying:

 “Let Him (Gary) Sleep!”

I could feel Satan stepping in again but luckily we had covered enough of the breathing techniques for him to continue on his own.

For about five minutes, it seemed the HCA’s were really against what I was doing but if I did not instruct Gary to sit up and breathe, he would or could have ended up being a fatal victim of COVID-19.

After that it was hush hush and I felt I was in kindergarten or the Stalag 17 prisoner of war camp.

Then surprisingly because Gary definitely had COVID-19 (to which I was thinking if he had COVID-19 where my results came up Double Negative, there’s a chance I could get COVID-19 from him!!!), they said they were going to take him to another ward because he needed to be on an oxygen tank…

…not just oxygen with two little tubes in your nose – just like I had – but Gary was in need of the whole nine yards of oxygen intake.

He needed to be on a ventilator!!!

But when the nurse came in to ask how his breathing was, Gary said:

‘It’s A Lot Better.”

Thank GOD!!!



They didn’t take him away immediately but then JESUS said to me:

“Your Job Has Been Done, Well Done!”

And you know what happened after that?

I fell asleep, into a deep, deep sleep but I didn’t even know I had fallen asleep until I woke up at around 07:30 🕢 and Gary, had gone!

I was initially shocked to see an empty bed where Gary lay but I found out for sure that he had been taken to a ward where they could and would put him on ventilator.

When speaking to Gary only briefly, as I was doing most of the talking and whenever one of the nurses did anything for him…

…even though he could hardly talk, he always responded with a:

“Thank You!”

Gary looked like he was seven foot tall as when I did tell him to prop himself up, he complained, or more like said – he couldn’t – because his back hurts.

That’s when I asked him:

“Gary, What Are You Saying?
Are You Saying You Have A Bad Back?”

To which he answered:

I Just Feel Uncomfortable Being Propped Up
And It Aches My Back!”



And I said:

You Have To Sit Up Or Prop Yourself Up
As It Will Be The Difference Between You Having An Aching Back…

…Or Dying!”

That may have sounded like a harsh thing to say but I kind of felt it was not me telling Gary to sit up…

…but JESUS

Satan was digging in deep where he was making me think:

“Why Should I Care About A Complete Stranger?”

But JESUS spoke me in a round about way where he was telling me:

“Gary Is Your Neighbour,
Gary Is You
(Referring To Myself),
Gary Is GOD,
As Gary Belongs To ME 
(As JESUS Referring To Himself)
Because I,
Live In Gary
And Every Human Being On This Planet…

…You All Belong To ME!”

Hearing Gary was my neighbour, it reminded me of the story of ‘The Good Samaritan’ as told in a Parable by JESUS HIMSELF!


The Good Samaritan
Luke 10:25-37


I am not saying I am a Good Samaritan but I am saying Gary is my neighbour and so are you, who happen to be reading this post, at this very moment.

I also heard that Gary who looked like he was in his early fifties, lived with his elderly father (just as Gary said it)…

…and I felt, I cannot let Gary die because his elderly father needs him!

Gary has such a gentle but very deep voice…

…I coined him in my mind as:

The Gentle Giant”

So, Gary had completely disappeared and I Hope and Pray for his speedy recovery…

…but you know what?

Gary, is definitely in GOD’s hands!

That was my experience in the wee hours of this morning being Thursday the 9th of April 2020.

GOD Bless you!

Thursday 9th April 2020 – Morning Seven In St Helier Hospital

I’m still here!

They are perplexed as to why my Heart Rate is so fast.

I’m being patient as we are heading into a Bank Holiday and we are in ‘Lockdown’ anyway…



…and I hear Donald Trump is obsessed with ‘Hydroxychloroquine’, which is said to be the cure for COVID-19…?

And – I do want to go – and get home – but – I shall be patient.

In ending, I realised it was a good thing I ended up staying one more night as Gary may have been dead by now as some HCA’s have no idea (not that it’s their fault) about being propped up into order for the lungs to not flood with liquid where it causes Pneumonia and where the patient can suffocate in their own body fluids.

Back to me:

They have taken more blood…

My 5 Litre Plastic Natural Jerry Can is now half full and the staff are amazed that I have drank so much…

…but since I learned it’s all about breathing deeply and drinking lots of fluid, in order to survive, in order to live and now in order to Spread The Good Word

…that’s exactly what I have been doing!

Therefore, I have to stay alive!



Bible Verse:

‘I Call Out To You;
Save Me And I Will Keep Your Statutes.’

Psalm 119:146



This site is dedicated to:

  1. Saving Lives
  2. Saving Souls

GOD Bless you!

Wilson P Williams MSHAA, HAD


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