I Prayed This Day Would Come!

Pray Without Ceasing. 

~ 1 Thessalonians 5:17



We are now using some new Settings which are so exciting because they are producing the results we have been looking for and they are far better than we ever expected!

Where we were looking for 10 Points Profit in a day, today we achieved 70 Points, which in our case is seven days worth of work, all achieved in one day!

The changes we made were to our TPT Settings as below:

‘We have been working on the TPT Ratio for some time now and where we tend to have our TotalStopLoss set to 100, we are now going to Test the TPT where our TotalProfitTarget will be set to 200.
This is using the 2:1 Ratio.

Therefore using the new EA Settings the TPT Settings will be as follows:


  • TotalProfitTarget = 200
  • TotalStopLoss = 100
  • AutoTradingTime = 10:03



  • TotalProfitTarget = 200
  • TotalStopLoss = 100
  • AutoTradingTime = 08:03
Note: If you were to be present during the Trading day and if you happen to see Points Profits you are happy with, you could always manually switch the TPT off where no more Trades will be placed.’
Today, we manually switched off our Trades at 14:30 GMT as by that time we had had enough of seeing massive profits go down to little profits etc…

Note: If you happen to start using this function the best way around it would be to choose a cut off time, rather than a set Target, such as
10:30 GMT, 12:30 GMT, 14:30 GMT, 16:30 GMT.


Because we found limiting ourselves to a set of
Points Profit meant we would or could miss out on additional Profits, plus we have been listening to what you have been saying about gaining small amounts and losing large amounts!
INote: If you opt for the end time of 14:30 GMT, setting your TradeTime_End_Time_1 would be better set at 14:25 GMT because if you are still Trading too close to the US Market Opening Hours, you may get caught up in it’s shenanigans!

Basically, we are using the much sought after
2:1 Ratio, where all we have to do is win 40% of the time and we will still come out profitable.

I don’t wish to go on and on but please checkout the results using the
5Second Chart with a Limit = Infinity, Stop = 15, TrailStepTrigger = 10, TrailStopStep = 1

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

5Second Chart
Infinity:15,10,1 (5/10)

Note: The above Settings are not quite the 2:1 Ratio we desire but we will tweak it and hope it does not mess things up!

Yes, the EA on the 5Second Chart placed many Trades and if you were after 10 Points Profit for the day, it would have achieved it for you by 08:10 GMT

…but we left it running, supposedly for the whole day being up until 21:00 but then we thought:

Why Should We?

And since it was pretty close to the US Market Open Trading Hours, we thought it a good idea to close our positions whilst we were still ahead and being ahead, we achieved nigh on 70 Points Profit just on the above EA Setting alone!

But we still feel we need to work on the Stop Loss, meaning we would like to see it lower!

The 1Minute Chart Infinity:9,15,1 (15/30) is a better setting but it did not do as well as the 5Second Chart but it still hit nigh on 50 Points Profit in one day, being today!

Here are the results using the 1Minute Chart with a Limit = Infinity, Stop = 9, TrailStepTrigger = 15, TrailStopStep = 1


Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

1Minute Chart
Infinity:9,15,1 (15/30)

The EA on the 1Minute Chart did not place as many Trades (Thank Goodness!) and if you were after 10 Points Profit for the day, it would have achieved it for you by 09:55 GMT

I’m going to leave it there!

But here’s a question for you?

Which Would You Prefer?

The 5Second Chart Results Or The 1Minute Chart Results?

For me, I would prefer the 1Minute Chart results (even though the 5Second Chart produces faster results) as it’s easier to set up a 1Minute Chart for the Novice Trader!

But we’ll see, as I very well may change my tune by next week!

Anyway, for those of you who are already involved, more will be revealed, behind the scenes in order for you to make the sort of Points Profit as seen above!

Chat Soon!


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