I Am 99.9%+ Better…


This Is Me
After My Visit To St Helier Hospital
On Thursday The 16th Of April 2020


The script in ‘Black’ relate to my seventh day at home after I was discharged from St Helier Hospital and it’s what I sent out to my family and friends.

Well, we could be coming to the end of all I have to say or write about re: my experiences and becoming a victim(?) of COVID-19 and Pneumonia but there is a book to be published in the form of an eBook with these very notes or posts and some additional info that will help you to fight or deal with this vicious disease.

Are you interested?

In the book I will add some remedies I was given, where the people in question are bouncing around full of beans – and they happen to work in the hospitals – dealing with COVID-19 patients every day!!!

Are you interested?

The other titbits of information will be showing you what exercises I do and I do not do them daily…

Are you interested?

…just from time to time but there is an exercise that I do all day long…


This Is Me
Now At Home, Before Going Back To The Hospital,
Checking Myself Out!
I Do That Often…
Not Out Of Vanity
But Out Of Ensuring I Am Keeping Myself Healthy!


…even when sitting, walking, writing and lying down (supposedly) relaxing and the time I really do relax my whole body…

…is when I sleep!

Are you interested?

Would you like to get yourself in shape and all toned up with hardly any effort?

It seems I went down with the COVID-19 for a very good set of reasons, where one is to talk about keeping fit in youth and in old age and the others are written in the paragraph, below.

Are you interested?

You’ll find the timelines go in and out and back and forth but stay with me, stick with me, as everything will come together, as the main aim of this site is to help you and your loved ones deal with the COVID-19 and give your life (back) to CHRIST, whether COVID-19 comes a knocking at your door or not!


This Is Me
Without My Coat,
I Like Baggy Or Loose Clothes…

Thursday 16th April 2020 – Day Seven At Home – After A Hospital Check Up
I am 99.9%+ better as compared to how I felt a few weeks ago!
Here’s the latest:
This morning I was at the hospital to check my:
1. Bloods = Normal
2. Blood Pressure = Normal
3. Heart Rate = 102bps – But Normal for me!
4. ECG = Normal
5. Temperature = 36.4 – Which is Normal
The doctor said my body checks out as being, ‘Well’!
I need to give another 24 urine sample as my last one got scuppered in the system or something.
I feel like normal but I am even more aware of every step I take, how I breathe, when I breathe, as I want to purposely bring my breath down to my abdomen.

This Is Me
At Home!
You See, I Have Put On Weight
And My Stomach Has Become More Expanded
As I Have Been Breathing,
From My Abdomen!

(But I’ve got to bring that belly back down again, right?)
I was pretty much aware of myself and my surroundings before…
…but now!
I feel and see everything!!!
It’s funny, I feel even stronger physically and I’m sure mentally, than I felt before the illness.
If you’ve had the COVID-19, do you find you feel stronger after it?
Boris Johnson (The Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom (at the time of writing)) had COVID-19 and he said he felt, stronger after it!
…I wonder!
But whatever new strengths I am developing, I want to hold onto this feeling, forever!
Maybe it’s to do with, if you’ve been really ill and recovered; you know how to keep on recovering by doing all the right things to continue making yourself well and stronger than you were before.
I am still drinking 2.5 Litres of room temp to warm and hot water a day and when I drink it, it feels like a constant healing effect.
So, in summary, when I was admitted into hospital on Friday the 3rd of April 2020 I had:

1. Shortness Of Breath – Which Was More Like The Panting Of A Dog!

2. Fever – Where I Was Cold On The Inside But Burning Up On The Outside Or Hot On The Outside But Burning Up On The Inside Where I Did Not Or Could Not Break A Sweat!

3. Cough – Which Was Not Dry But Produced Sputum, Lots Of It… And It Was Painful To Cough!

4. Chest Pain – Which Was Excruciatingly Painful And Agonising, Which Was The One I Thought Would Kill Me!

5. Haemoptysis – Which Is The Coughing Up Of Blood And Below Is An Image Of The Specimen I Had To Provide!


Is What I Was Coughing Up!
If You
Are Coughing Up Blood,
Get Yourself Checked Out!!!

But as mentioned above, now all is well…
…but I am not letting my guard down though and neither should you!

Healing Bible Verses:

“Worship The LORD Your God,
And HIS Blessing Will Be On Your Food And Water.
I Will Take Away Sickness From Among You…” 

~ Exodus 23:25


“Heal Me,
And I Will Be Healed;
Save Me And I Will Be Saved,
For YOU Are The One I Praise.”

Jeremiah 17:14


“But I Will Restore You To Health And Heal Your Wounds,
Declares The LORD”

~ Jeremiah 30:17


“You Restored Me To Health And Let Me Live.
Surely It Was For My Benefit That I Suffered Such Anguish.
In YOUR Love You Kept Me From The Pit Of Destruction;
YOU Have Put All My Sins Behind Your Back.”

Isaiah 38:16-17



This site is dedicated to:

  1. Saving Lives
  2. Saving Souls

GOD Bless you!

Wilson P Williams MSHAA, HAD

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  1. Joe Hepworth says:

    Excellent. C-19 is very much like a pulmonary embolism. Hurt like the dickens. I’ve had two.

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