How Did I Manage To Lose 7kg – 10st 7lbs – 15.43lbs In Weight?



This Is Me
In St Helier Hospital
At Possibly My Lowest Weight Count


The script in ‘Black’ relate to the fifth morning after I was admitted into St Helier Hospital and it’s a text conversation between me and some of my family members.

The text conversations were before I was informed how much weight I had lost between two points in time but I had been told my weight, to which I could not believe…

…so I looked at the readings, where I still could not believe it, where I got them to weigh me again…

…where it was true!

I now weighed 9st 4 or 59.4Kg or 130.95lbs!

‘That is the lightest I have ever been since the age of 13!!!’

But even before being weighed, I could clearly see how much weight I had lost and I was disgusted, upset and in minor shock, as I could not believe I could lose muscle, especially off my bottom…

…I lost my bottom!!!

I can now recall it was due to being more or less motionless for nearly four weeks…

…and that was why I felt wobbly, off balance and as to why my legs were tingling, every time I got up and walked around the ward!

Now, I’ll have to come up with a plane for strengthening my legs and getting my bottom back…

…as I could see my trousers falling down and hanging somewhere around my knees like the youth of today wear their pants.

You’ll find the timelines go in and out and back and forth but stay with me, stick with me, as everything will come together, as the main aim of this site is to help you and your loved ones deal with the COVID-19 and give your life (back) to CHRIST, whether COVID-19 comes a knocking at your door or not!



Tuesday the 7th April 2020 – Day Five In St Helier Hospital

My weight is now 9st 4lbs or 59.4 Kilograms or 130.95lbs...

…which is a BIG drop from what I always been!

The last time I weighed myself I was 10st 7lbs or 66.678 Kilograms

I was always an average of 11st or 69.853 Kilograms.

And when I sent the update re: my weight to some of my family, a younger family member wrote:

‘I Am Heavier Than You!’

And they are shorter and smaller than me too!

My Response was:

‘Oh Dear!

And The First Time Round
I Thought They Had Made A Mistake,
Where I Asked Them To Weigh Me Again!

Oh Dear, Again!

So What Must I Look Like?

I Always Wanted To Lose Weight On My Thighs
As My Muscles Have Always Been (Too) Tight…

…But Now They Look Like Bean Poles!!!’

For You Lads In The Family;

There Is Definitely No Need To Give A Comparative Answer…

…But A Reply Would Be Nice.

Now I’m Thinking:

“What An Earth Must I Do To Put The Weight Back On?”



I Know I Have To Eat
But What Will Help Me To Put The Weight
Or Some Weight Back On,
Without Me Thinking I Have To Gorge Food Down All Day?

Or Do I Have To Gorge Food Down, All Day?


A family member wrote:

‘Protein Shakes,
You Can Pack A Lot Of High Protein,
Healthy Calorie Rich Foods In.

Full Fat Milk.

Break Meals Down Into 3-5 A Day
So It Doesn’t Feel Like You Are Stuffing Yourself.


My response was:

‘Protein Shakes?


Ooooo Milk And Full Fat Too?!?!?!?

Milk Makes Me Run To The Loo, Or It Did, Where Previously I Used To Be Able To Drink Gallons Of It!

My Body May Be Able To Manage It Now Though.’

Another family member wrote: 

‘I Have Some Protein Shakes At Home…

…For Gaining Weight.’



My response to the sleep message (which had not been answered until now) was:



Will I Put On Weight, If I, Sleep?

I Tend To Lose Weight, When I Sleep!

We’ll Have To Find A Way Around That!’

My response to; ‘I Have Some Protein Shakes At Home…’ was:


…Sounds Good!

So Something Already Awaits Me At Home!

I’ve Never Had A Protein Shake Before!

It Sounds Filling (And Fattening) Just Thinking About It!


And my response to the end of the message, where it said; ‘…For Gaining Weight.’ was:

But I Don’t Want To Get Overweight!!!

Knowing Me,
I’ll Overdo It,
I Always Do!!!

You’ll Have To Guide Me As To How Much To Take etc…

Where the response was:

‘Yeah That’s Fine, I’ll Show You!’


Dynamic Tension Exercises
Are What I Have Been Doing…
…Believe It Or Not,
Since Childhood,
Especially When Other Children Used To Say:
“Let’s Have A Look At Your Muscles…”
So I Flexed My Muscles…
…And Have Been Doing It,
Ever Since!


Followed by:

‘Also 7 Hours Minimum Sleep Is Good For Muscle Recovery.’

Where another family member added:

If You Sleep On A Full Stomach You Tend To Burn Less Calories.’

Where my response was:


Now I Remember!
That’s How Sumo Wrestlers Put On Weight,
On Purpose!!!

They Eat ‘Til Their Fill And Go And Have A Nap/Sleep,
Which Is During The Middle Of The Day!

Where I also added in response to the 7 hour minimum sleep text, where I think I answered incorrectly anyway was:


…So No More 10 Hours Kips For Me Then?

Thanks For The Advice!

Thanks For The Offer Of Guidance!’

Another family member wrote:

‘Eat Every Time I Eat
And You Will Put The Weight On In No Time!’



These Are Not My Feet!


Where I responded with:

I Hope You Don’t Eat Too Often!

I Have Only Just Had Lunch,
So It Feels
And I Have Literally Just Finished Some Orange Juice And Biscuits…

…And Now Supper Is On The Way!

I Know I Need To Put The Weight On But For Me,
This Is Heavy Lifting Eating So Often!

And When I Do Eat I Have Everything On The Menu!

Side Dishes And Salads And All!

Re-Check The Menu…

And By The Time I Come Home You May Say I’m Fat!!!

Or At Least I Hope To Look,
Like Normal!

Yet another family member wrote:

As Was Mentioned,
Protein And Eating 3 Square Meals A Day
Or 5 (3 Square Meals And 2 Grazing Meals)
High Protein Diet
And Complex Carbs
Like Sweet Potatoes,
Brown Rice (White Rice Has Very Little Nutritional Value)
Quinoa Or Freekeh
(Both Are Very High In Protein
And Vitamins
And Some Good Complex Carbs) Brown Bread,
Nuts For Snacks
(Not Salted Or Factory Roasted – Proper Raw Nuts
That You Can Flavour Yourself
With Some Spices) Eggs, Protein Shakes Etc…


This Is What I Had For My St Helier Hospital Supper!


And my response was:


Thank You!

You Sound Like A Nutritional Expert!

Furthermore, I have just been informed I have lost 7kg in one week!!!

Somehow, I am clearly not out of the woods yet!



Bible Verse

“The LORD GOD Made All Kinds Of Trees
Grow Out Of The Ground — Trees That Were Pleasing To The Eye
And Good For Food.
In The Middle Of The Garden Were The Tree Of Life
And The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil.”

~ Genesis 2:9


This site is dedicated to:

  1. Saving Lives
  2. Saving Souls

GOD Bless you!

Wilson P Williams MSHAA, HAD

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