Yes, It’s Finally Here!!!

The Legal, Easy & Simple Way To Automatically Stream Cash
From The Markets,
Straight Into Your Account… 

…All From The Push Of A Button!!!​ 

And The Best Thing Is… 

…You Don’t Need To Know A Thing About Trading To
Profit From This Little Unknown Discovery!!!


There is a 97% possibility that I have created a ‘Fully Automatic Trading System’ using the inner workings of what was the older version of ‘The TenKei Trading System’.

And it’s always been there, right before my/our eyes!

But of course, whatever we seek is often always staring us in the face but sometimes, we just cannot see it.

But through exhaustive testing (and I mean that because working on this has literally brought me to my knees), I have found *Two* very stable variables out of hundreds of permutations that has taken me many years of research and analysis…

15Second Chart
Overall Profit Target Is Infinite
Stop Loss Is 10
Profit Lock In Target Is 31
Trailing Stop Loss Is 1
Date: 2019.11.18 to 2019.11.22

We Prefer:
Start: 06:59 GMT – End: 08:59 GMT

…to find that those *Two* setups work consistently and profitably 80% of the time!

This means there are *Two* Trading patterns or programs out of *Hundreds* I tested that works fully on Auto without any human intervention (or meddling from me) or from you.Truly, I Thank GOD for this!

Why am I telling you this?

Because since it has now proved to be stable, I am now packaging them into a ‘Fully Automatic System’ where you can try it out, test it, run it, use it and even Profit from it all for a fee of £1, for a full 30Days with no obligation to buy!

15Second Chart
Overall Profit Target Is Infinite
Stop Loss Is 9
Profit Lock In Target Is 20
Trailing Stop Loss Is 1
Date: 2019.11.18 to 2019.11.22

We Prefer:
Start: 06:59 GMT – End: 08:59 GMT

Then you can let me know what you think of it – and leave after your 30Day Trial For £1 – or become a subscriber of it!

And I originally wrote that I would not release it, unless it works!

Guess what?

It works!

Because it works, that means:

You will not have to place not one single Trade, the system will do it for you!

It will Trade for you!

It will choose your Trades!

It will Open your Trades!

It will Close your Trades!It will shut down when your Profit Target is hit!

It will even Compound your Profits if you want it to!

The ‘Aim’ is for you to do nothing but ‘Push a Button’ to start it up!

You do not even have to be present for it to work, just switch it on and it will do all the work for you!

It all sounds a bit like ‘Science Fiction’ doesn’t it?

The TenKei Total Profit Target Will Manage Your Trades For You…

…All On Auto Pilot!

And that’s how it is meant to work!

In fact, let’s admit it and call it ‘Science Fiction’ because it still seems unbelievable (even) to me!

I have always had it in mind to find a ‘System’ like this!

And now, I think I have (through much prayer) created it!

And if it does not work in the way described above, you don’t have to part with any money but at least you would have had the opportunity to test it out!

So, if you want to test it out, first have a good look around this site/course because as simple as this system is, there is so much for you to know…

…because everything written and in screenshot format is every last possible thought (of mine) that I could put on paper.

And sorry, I don’t think I can squeeze any more information out, as I feel I have maxed out on every little detail I can possibly think of to get you running this like I do.

I’ve done all of this work just so you could try it before you buy it but at the same time, know exactly how to set it all up before you even start your 30Day Trial For £1.

That means, once you start your Trial, you’ll be able to spend more time testing the system, rather than reading and looking at screenshots whilst the clock is ticking and you’re still busy attempting to figure it all out!

So, take your time, read all of the material and when you’re ready, Sign Up For Your 30Day Trial For £1!.

May Your Day Be A Blessed One!

In JESUS’ Name.


Wilson P Williams

P.S. If you have any questions at all on anything you have read or you need help with anything at all please send your emails to: info@tenkei.co.uk

If you would like to take advantage of the TenKei 30Day Trial For £1 please ‘Click’ on any of the three links below to choose the subscription of your choice:

Once your subscription has been activated and your email address has been received, the necessary Files will be emailed to you in order for you to begin the setup process.

Note: Do Not Forget To Add Your Email Address So The Correct Software Can Be Delivered Directly To Your Inbox!

I wish you all the very best in your Trading endeavours!


P.P.S. If you have not studied the TenKei Modules, please refrain from signing up for a subscription until you do. Take at the very least one to two weeks to learn and fully understand the Modules inside out!