Here’s An Update On The Auto Trades Week Ending January 5th 2018


I’m thinking;

“Was it a tough Trading week?”

And my answer to myself was;

“Not really, considering I should not really have been trading anyway!”

The only messy day we had this week was Wednesday the 3rd of January 2018 and Tuesday was a bit unusual because my EA or the TPT shut my Trades down before it hit my 11 Point Profit Target!

But that was okay because it still closed down with a profit and I sort of took it as providence as perhaps I should not have been Trading that day anyway!


Because it was so close to the New Year, being only January the 2nd!!!

But we all know it’s not easy not to Trade or to push that Trading button whilst thinking;

“Let’s See If I Can Make Just A Few Points
And If I Do,
I’ll Shut Everything Down And Walk Away!”

But that’s not the way to do it, is it?

That’s when we start taking a gamble, that’s when we start gambling!

This Trading business is not easy but the TenKei 7.0 Trading Program makes it easier, simpler and/or more straightforward.

The main job of the Automated Trading Program is to find and place the Trades for us!

If you wish to manually manage your Trades once you’re in, that’s okay, so as long as you do not fiddle and play around with your Trades (too much), you should do just fine!

So, in the case of the TenKei 7.0 Fully Automated Trading Program, let the EA, Expert Advisor, the Program and the TPT do the grunt work for you, as it can and will find and place Trades far faster than you can see them or even press the Trading button…

…as sometimes we’re not sure if we should press the Trading button, right?

Anyway, here are the results for the week ending January 5th 2018 – it’s not brilliant but at least it made us profits!

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:


The end of the week!

But let’s look forward to next week, as most of the Traders Of The World, if not all should be back at their desks, where real and true movement in the markets is to be expected!

Let’s Pray for a successful day, every day, in JESUS’ Name!


Chat Soon!


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