Here’s An Update On The Auto Trades Week Ending January 19th 2018



Now what did I mean by that?

Well, if you had been using the Contrarian Settings that we have, the first three Trades were losing Trades, then we had a winner, then two losers, then two winners, then one loser and finally four winners!

For your sake, I was on the edge of my seat!

Plus I was going through the very same thing you would have been going through but you know what?

I wanted to post a message to say:

‘Do Not Trade Today, Wait… The New Code Is Here!!!’

The New Code Is Here!!!
The New Code Is Here!!!

Yes it is, so what I did, after I had loaded it up, I ran four Trades, meaning once the TPT shut each Trade down, I ran another and another and another until I felt quite satisfied it was doing what it was programmed to do.

I will be running more tests but so far, so good!

Anyway, whilst the TenKei Program was running on what I now call the older version, it did this…

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

Please study the screenshot above very carefully as it contains one week’s worth of work, from Tuesday January the 16th 2018 to Friday January the 19th 2018, that is.

And below, I’ve provided you with a screenshot of the figures only, showing you what the TenKei 7.0 with the New Code got up to.

You’ll be able to see where I placed four Trades but I’m not sure what happened with the first Trade as it only took a mere fraction of a point then shut down, with Profits and that’s what I’ll keep an eye on…

…but thereafter, it made healthy Profits (or Points) on the following three Trades and it gave us a bonus by giving us in excess of the 11 Points Profit we were after.

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

The Above Results Are From The New TenKei 7.0 Code!
Being Four Randomly Placed Trades!

In order to release it, I have to do a bit of admin and house cleaning behind the scenes, so please be ‘Patient’ with me, whilst I get everything in order.

So, with that said, I would now advise you who are sitting on the side lines to Sign Up to the FREE Course because I expect it to take some time before you fully know and understand how to set up an MT4 Account (if you haven’t done so already).

I would also expect it to take some time before you fully know how to Load The TenKei Files too!

Some of you loaded MT4 and the TenKei Files in a flash and some of you needed assistance, so please be sure you read the contents of the Modules very carefully as everything you need to know is contained therein.

Please Study The Modules Carefully

I must say, if you do find yourself asking me questions about how to do this or do that, that means you’ve missed something out!

I’m not being mean to you but it’s just that I know you may not have covered all of the info carefully, so please do not rush through it, as there is no rush…

…and the more you take your time studying the Modules, the better you will be when the time comes for you to start using the TenKei Program in it’s entirety!


Oh yes, I’ll also be adding some New Combination Settings, right here on your Blog!

I’ll put it – or them (as there will be Contrarian and Continuation Settings in the Primary Menu at the top of this page) – under the TenKei Products link.

It’s time to go, as there is much to do!

May GOD Bless You!

Chat Soon!


To Sign Up For The FREE Course
Where You Will Learn How To Set Up Your Own FXCM Trading Account
And Equally If Not More Importantly
Learn How To
The Trading Code.

Please Follow This Link.

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