Here’s An Update On The Auto Trades For Wednesday January 3rd 2018


I’m pretty sure half of the Trading World thought the Markets would be fully alive this week but so it seems, from the movement and activity (of the DAX), it’s still pretty unsure of what it wishes to do!

But you know what?

As I type, Targets on the Contrarian Chart, coupled with the TPT Chart have just been hit!

Yes, I know I may be telling you not to Trade at times but I always do, or at least I always have an eye on what’s going on!

I feel it’s my job to watch everything to do with what I impart to you through your Blog.

Anyway, here’s what happened yesterday:

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

It was a tough Trading day yesterday!

And it’s interesting how the day is determined as being tough because although we are not doing any physical work per se, it’s the mental work or mental processes we go through as in ‘Hoping’, ‘Wishing’ and even ‘Praying’ the Markets or the Trade will go our way!

But even though we go through those mental processes, we (still) have to keep ourselves under control, it’s not always easy but with a well thought out plan, it will be easier to deal with.

So, although Wednesday the 3rd January 2018 was not a fully successful day for the TenKei 7.0 Program, by leaving it to run it’s course, it did make a comeback, not fully but it ended up being down by roughly 13 Points

…simply because I ‘manually’ shut it down to as near as ‘Breakeven’ as I could!

Why did I shut it down manually and not let it run its course?

Because after having gone through the whole day of Zigs & Zags and after being down more Points than I’m used to, I was happy to end the day with a Loss of 13 Points, plus, I do my very best to accept the ‘Super-Trader Trait’ #1, which is ‘Acceptance Of Losses & Losing’...

…but still, let’s keep those losses to a minimum!

We still have work to do on the TPT ‘Total Stop Loss’ and as written in the Modules, we need to work on a number below 100!

Some of you are using 90, some of you are using 45 but what really needs work is the time you set your Trades to start!

By getting in at the right time, will determine how successful our Trade outcomes will be!

Please see yesterday’s write up by going here!

Be Sure To Pray For Success Before You Enter A Trade!

And now check this out:

  1. 07:03 to 07:59 for the DAX using FXCM is good!

  2. 08:03 to (11:00 or) 21:00 for the DAX using FXCM is good!
  3. Even 14:33 to 16:30 or 21:00 for the DAX using FXCM is good for those of you who know how the US Market Open operates!

But stick with numbers 1 & 2 above for now and from now on use this code:

73 Contrarian – 1Minute Chart – SL=15 – TP=1000 – LITP=12 – LIP=11 – TST=7 – TSS=3 – 22F=M1T, MaxTrades=1


Chat Soon!


P.S. This morning (and it’s 08:10 GMT as I type) all Programs shut down successfully!

P.P.S. There are a few of you I’ll be getting back to personally as your Input Settings need working on!

What I will do is add the Input Settings, right here on your Blog for you to see and now look at the DAX go on a tear to the upside (as I still type at 08:29 GMT)!

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