Here’s An Update On The Auto Trades Since December 1st 2017

Here’s A Message I Wrote To The TenKei 7.0 Users
At The Time I Felt I Was Getting Back Into The Flow Of Writing Again!


These messages I’m sending through will eventually be added to my Blog and since I haven’t written a Blog for quite a while, I’m using this platform as my kind of warm up.

My Blog will have a ton more info and maybe even some fun and games!

But anyway, here’s an update of December 2017’s results so far:

I always say this – but please study the screenshot carefully – as by doing so, all of your questions will be answered.

Another point is, if you have opted for the £39.99 per month subscriptionyour fees would easily have been covered by your profits.

I would expect you to pay any subscriptions out of your profits, as it’s my purpose to ensure you hit your Trading Targets each and every day, okay?

Well, with that settled and agreed, I’ll leave you to it!

Chat Soon!


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