Here’s Something Good!

“Why Do You Call ME Good?” JESUS replied,
“No One Is Good Except GOD Alone”.

~ Mark 10:18


A friend of mine used to blurt out in the middle of a conversation: ‘Only GOD Is Good!’ and a times I thought; ‘Where Did That Come From?’ meaning, why did he suddenly say that?

I realised, just like me, he was aiming or even struggling to do better in his life.

You know how it is, the majority of us know right from wrong and/or good from bad but — what do we find the easiest and the most simplest thing to do?

I’ll leave you to answer that question for yourself — but — to do the right thing takes an immense amount of ‘Discipline’ — until such time that new (right) thing becomes a (good) habit, as bad habits are so easy to fall into and erase, aren’t they?

So, on the subject of habits or doing what we felt was right, this week we started the Infinity:15, TST=4, TSS=3 from 08:03 GMT

…do you remember what Phil P was using as a/his Start Time?

Well, you do have the choice of starting (when Trading the DAX) from 07:03 GMT or 08:03 GMT and what Phil P wrote made sense and we listened too!

Yes, we take heed of what others say and we look into everything, even though we created all of this TenKei stuff!

And here’s what we found when starting from 08:03 GMT, averaging an 11 Point Take Profit per day.

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

DAX – 2018.06.18 to 2018.06.22
Continuation 1Minute Chart – Ratio – Infinity to 15, TST=4, TSS=3
08:03 GMT Start

Do bear in mind we were using the GKFX Platform which is GMT+2, so each Trade started from or after 08:03 GMT and we let it run all day.

Come to think of it, in the early days, we used to Start Trading from 08:15 GMT!!!

The only losing day we had, where the EA struggled was on Thursday the 21st June 2018 where we should or could have let it be for the day as there was a BIG or High News Event, being the GBP Bank of England Bank Rate release.

So, we are going to make a shift and start from 08:03 GMT, as that will give us an extra hour or so in bed before we start pondering on results.

And don’t forget, you can also run the Continuation Trades on the FTSE or DOW (or whatever you like)

In order to run the Continuation Trades on the FTSE or DOW (or other markets), you will need to make the necessary Stop Loss adjustments, where it could be smaller on the FTSE and a tad wider on the DOW.

And on the subject of a smaller Stop Loss, we would still like or even love to get our Stop Loss down to a lower figure and we like the number 7 and yes, it is a bit tight but we have been doing our homework and calculations to find when the time is right, a 7 Point Stop Loss can work really well.

I mean, the 15 Point Stop Loss annoys me at times!

So,the method in our madness is, if we have two Losses at 7 it equals 14 and if we have two Losses at 15 it equals 30

…where recovering from a 14 Point Loss is far easier than recovering from a 30 Point Loss, especially on slow market movement days, as the TST=4, TSS=3 can give us a ton of Points Profit once the market goes on a tear in our Winning Trade direction.

Just like any another company in the field of technology and growth, we are constantly looking at ways to improve not only our service but the profitability of the EA Settings through Research & Development

…so we’ll tweak until we peak!

Does that sound good to you?

Yes — but what is good?

‘Only GOD Is Good!’

Have A Blessed Weekend!

Chat Soon!


P.S. Let’s see how the Infinity:8, TST=4, TSS=3 does next week with an 08:03 GMT Start and an 09:30 GMT Stop but of course you can stop whenever ‘you’ choose, as long you get good and positive results!

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