Here’s An Example Of How Your Trading Day Should Go!


After yesterday’s News Event which held the whole Trading day up, today, there was yet more News to come but it seems it is not as important as yesterday’s News.


Because this morning, from 07:03 (GMT London) the Markets were moving (nicely) or at least in one direction for a spell.

Even though I created and designed the TenKei Automated Trading Program, I am finding that it seems to have a life and mind of its own, as it does things I never knew it could do!

Yes, this is as close to Artificial Intelligence as I can get it at the moment but I do have plans to push it further!

Anyway, in spite of the News being a High Event later on today, the Markets made a move and my System over here switched itself on, hit Target and switched itself off again!

I had one losing Trade and two winning Trades, please see the screenshot below:

This Is A 1Minute Contrarian Trade And A 1Minute Continuation Trade With The TPT Acting As The Manager.

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

Please Study The Chart Above Very Carefully

The Contrarian Trade proves to be the best type of Trade!

The 1Minute Chart proves to be the best Timeframe!

Once you get ‘Testing’ and I stress ‘Testing’, please do start with the setup above.

You could even test out the Contrarian Trade going solo!

The only thing we need to be aware of is when High News Events are due!

Once we can master, dance and maneuver our way around the News shenanigans, we’ll do okay!

Chat Soon!


P.S. Remember, I was not even at my screens when all of the above happened re: what you see on the chart, the Open Trades the Closed Trades and the Profits taken… and I was surprised as I told it to wait until after 15:00 but I’ll explain over the course of time, as there was a BIG revelation, found within!

P.P.S. Trade Size 12 = The Contrarian Trade, Trade Size 13 = The Continuation Trade

P.P.P.S. At the time of typing £0.01 in FXCM = £0.09 or 9p Per Point… I’ll let you do the Lots calculations from there! 

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