Here’s A Brilliant Question I Was Asked!


This Very Morning I Responded To An Email I Received
And I Must Tell You,
I Was Pretty Excited When I Read It!

I Get Like That Sometimes!

The Reason I Was So Excited Was Due To The Fact
That The Person In Question Has Been Asking Questions
And Is Now Finding Their Own Way
Through Thinking And Testing The Variables And Ideas
Within The TenKei Program.

Please Don’t Take This As Me Feeling You Are Not Thinking And Testing
The TenKei Program
(For You Who Have It In Your Possession)
As I Know Many Of You Are Just Quietly Using It In The Background
At The Settings I Gave You
Or At The Settings Your Prefer!

The TenKei Program Is So Versatile
You Could Easily Adjust It To Suit Your Own Personality Type
And At The Same Time
Produce Good And Healthy Profits For Yourself!

All You Have To Do Is Ask Questions
As I Am More Than Happy To Steer You In The Right Direction!

Especially If You Have The Mind Of One Who Is Curious And Inquisitive!

Here’s A Part Of What I Was Asked That Got Me So Excited:

Targets Were Hit Today Too!
That’s A Double Whammy To The Good Side!

Q: I’m looking at the stop loss now. Is 15 s/l the optimum in your experience? I was considering reducing the s/l to 10 pips. Have you tested a 10 pip s/l?

Here’s My Answer:

Choosing a 15 Point Profit Target is great and it’s also great that you found out what it’s like to test the 22 Point Profit Target!

As for the Stop Loss, you are definitely on the right track, as the Stop works well anywhere between 7 to 15, so pulling your Stop Loss down to 10 is an excellent idea!

And yes I’ve Tested 10 and it works nicely but you may notice that even though the Maximum Stop Loss is set to 15, the Stop is not always 15, as it could be anywhere between 1 to 15 as that’s how the EA has been programmed to work but once again…

…using a Stop of 10 will improve your opportunities to hit your Targets with less (15 Point Stop Loss) draw-downs.

I like the fact that you are experimenting with the TenKei Program, which is what I mean by Testing everything!

Chat Soon!


P.S. I have Tested everything but with you now using the TenKei Program, you may find what I have overlooked!

P.P.S. Keep up the good work!

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