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Then JESUS Said,
“He Who Has Ears To Hear,
Let Him Hear.”

~ Mark 4:9



After the release of the 5Second Chart data, we thought out of curiosity we would Test some of the Settings on a 1Minute Chart even though the 1Minute Chart was still doing well on it’s current Settings

…and you know how that saying goes:

‘If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It’

But we have been jolly well trying to improve it!!!

So, today we added the write-up below to the TenKei Forum. To some, it may seem like gobbledygook and to others, it will make perfect sense.

Once you have Tested the TenKei Program and achieved some success from it, you will know exactly what we are talking about, so, have a listen/read:

‘We have found or we are finding the Settings below work well on the 1Minute TimeFrame as well as the 5Second TimeFrame!

Some are finding the 1Minute TimeFrame to be just as good!

Using the Maximum 15 Point Stop as on the 1Minute Chart is proving pretty successful for some.

Here are the overall preferred Settings:

MaxStopLossPips = 5 to 15
Use_Profit_Lock_In = false
LITP = 0
LIP = 0
UseTrailingStop = true
TST = 0
TSS = 1
LimitRatio = 0
UseSLinPips = true
StopLoss = 5 to 15
UseTPinPips = true
TakeProfit = 0
UseTradeTime = true
TradeTime_Start_Time_1 = 07:59 GMT
TradeTime_End_Time_1 = 09:00 to 09:30 GMT

Use_PSAR_Settings = true
Filter_TimeFrame_1 = current
Filter_Step_1 = 0.02
Filter_Maximum_1 = 0.2

The secret or benefit is in the:

UseTrailingStop = true
TST = 0
TSS = 1

This means, once the Price moves in favour of your Trade, it (rapidly) moves the Stop Loss often to Breakeven and beyond to give some Profit to thereafter Trail the move very tightly by 1 Point!

You should test it out on whatever Timeframe you use, as we have now switched our TST to 0 and our TSS to 1 on everything (until further notice), as our results have vastly improved in a shorter space of time using the above Settings.’

End of message…

Because we are (looking at) cutting our Trading time down to 60Minutes a day, we are ‘still’ pondering on the best Filters to use and because we are running Live Tests in Real-Time, it takes time to collate the true data…

…but we are still somehow in favour of using only one Filter which is:

Use_PSAR_Settings = true
Filter_TimeFrame_1 = current
Filter_Step_1 = 0.02
Filter_Maximum_1 = 0.2

We’ll keep Testing between a 60Minute slot for the very best results but so far, we like 07:59 GMT to 08:59 GMT.

We’ll keep you posted but for now, the above Settings work nicely, (especially on the 1Minute Infinity:15, 4, 2 which has now become the 1Minute Infinity:15, 0, 1 and don’t forget there’s a 1Minute Infinity:8, 0, 1) it’s just that we like to tighten things up ‘so much’ that very little room for error (or even, no room for error) will be left.

Is that fair enough?


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