Give Us This Day Our Daily Points


Do you start your day off with a Prayer?

You know what?

You may not even realise that you may be starting your day off with a Prayer but simply Hoping and Wishing could easily be seen as a Prayer, so as long as your requests are to GOD!

But I have always said, to myself and to you, it’s better to Pray before you get involved in something rather than Praying to get out of something!

Do you agree?

Anyway, on the subject of Prayer and on the subject of what we Pray for in the way of ‘Our Daily Bread’, our daily bread over here is in part, ‘Our Daily Points’!

What’s you ‘Daily Bread’?

We aim for 11 Points Profits A Day and here’s why…

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:


As you would have seen in the spreadsheet above, it’s set for a Profit Target of 11 Points A Day!

I ‘Believe’ if we can ‘Master’ obtaining 11 Points A Day Of Trading Profits before the end of each and every Trading day, in spite of losing Trades, we should or could achieve results similar to what is seen in the Compounding Spreadsheet!

And once again, I know I harp on about this but this site is all about the TenKei Totally Automated Trading Program which is programmed and designed to do the work as shown in the spreadsheet above!

Now, the New Code is also here!

And this is what it did…

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

Our Trade opened at:

Date: 2018.01.22 – Time: 07:22:34 – Price: 13456.01

And closed at:

Date: 2018.01.22 – Time: 07:53:58 – Price: 13444.99

At £10 per point it showed a profit of £116.48 where we are actually after 10 Points Of Trading Profits per day, so we are more than happy with the result.

The TenKei 7.0 and the Total Profit Target Program are designed and programmed to do one thing and that’s to make Profits!

So, can you see why we aim for 11 Points A Day Of trading Profits?

It makes life far easier to aim for the same Goal and target each day and each makes our Prayers far easier to A.S.K. (Ask, Seek, Knock) for the same thing each day, amongst other requests, with one of them being you obtaining the same results as above!

Be Sure To Pray For What You Want!

Well, that’s it!

The New Code is now available for Trial

…and I hope you take advantage of the Trial!

Please see below as in how to start your Trial via the FREE Course!

Chat Soon!


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