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    If you chose not to Trade today, you would have made the right decision.

    To confirm your actions, have a look a the DAX Hourly Chart and you will see it has not moved much from where it started which equals 10 Points.

    The difference between the High and the Low on the DAX Hourly Chart, from 08:00 to 09:00 GMT is 32 Points…

    …and now, as we type the DAX is bouncing off of 12300.

    Yes, take the day off and celebrate something, such as your own Independence!


    The DAX has woken up today!

    It was pretty much fast asleep from 07:00 GMT to 07:30 GMT and took off (to the upside) at 07:49 GMT without looking back!

    The 1Minute Chart could not get in, as it was more or less a 45 Degree up move but (listen to this), our 10Second Chart we are currently Testing/using alongside the 1Minute Chart hit Target.

    Have a think about it…

    Why would a 10Second or 30Second Chart get us into a Trade, where the 1Minute Chart cannot, when the market is moving up or down at a 45 Degree angle without looking back, or without a 1Minute Chart pullback?

    Let’s discuss this!

    Don’t forget, for those of you on the sidelines you can Test the TenKei 7.0 EA for a Full 30 Days for only £1…


    We like out New TenKei Settings!

    We have tested them out on Fridays and it works but…

    …on some days, being Fridays, it’s nothing to do with the EA not working, it’s to do with the market not moving!

    We can see right here and right now that the DAX Daily Chart is struggling to make a move!

    This tells us there are not too many Trades being placed, is it because it’s Friday?

    More than likely!

    We feel, from what we can see that it’s simply not worth Trading on Fridays because nobody else (being the BIG Dog Traders) seems to want to!

    And if they do not Trade, the markets (or the DAX in this case) will not move and if we get no movement, the EA cannot be activated and if it isn’t, it will get stuck in a Trade (since there is no Trend) and it will most likely lose the Trade.

    Stick with Monday to Thursday Trading when all are at their desks!

    But still, so far, 3 out of 6 EA’s shut down successfully today, being Friday!

    We would prefer to see 6 out of 6!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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