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    This Forum has been created for the TenKei Testers to communicate with each other and also for us here at TenKei to reveal what we find, all whilst using the TenKei Reversal Strategy on the M5 Chart!

    Yes, the TenKei Reversal Strategy is proving to be the best we have come up with so far!


    …what do you, as a Tester think?


    So far, since last week being Tuesday the 28th of May to today being Tuesday the 5th of June 2019 the TenKei Reversal Strategy has been doing very well!

    Remember, we are not keen on Trading Fridays but the EA may be!

    Also remember, you could use the TenKei Reversal Strategy to assist you in entering a Trade, where you could manually manage it thereafter!

    For some, it’s best to simply let the EA do the work for you, lest you meddle too much and get out of your Trade too early etc…

    To know yourself better (as a Trader), please visit this very interesting site which discusses and asks:

    Are You a Discretionary or System Trader?

    There’s much more to be discussed and divulged but so far, what are your thoughts and feelings on what we have covered so far?


    Today the M5 TenKei Reversal Strategy did well, again!

    It took two (2) Trades to hit Target on one Setting and one (1)Trade to hit Target on the second Setting we are investigating.

    The Settings you will not have is as follows:

    Lock_In_Trigger_Pips = 11 (rather than 7)
    Lock_In_Pips = 10 (rather than 6)
    TrailStepTrigger = 11 (rather than 7)
    TrailStopStep = 1

    So those differences above means Target is hit (using the higher numbers) sooner or more so in one Trade but then again, using the lower numbers means Target is often hit in two parts if Price does not get to the full eleven (11) point goal.

    Which one is better?

    They both have their advantages and disadvantages but so far, they are both working, where the 11,10,11,1 Settings hit Target before the 7,6,7,1 Settings!

    It’s now up to you to Test one or both!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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