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    Hello Tenkei-ers,

    My name is Alex, I currently run my own computer support business but did nearly 20 years in The City in Investment Banking IT. My area was mainly trading floor related, dealing with stuff like exchange feeds, market data and trading systems.

    When I first started working I wanted to be a trader, passed all my exams and started trading Gilts, but found it really boring. At the time, the markets were going electronic (yes, it was hand written tickets up till then), and I was the only trader on the desk who had any experience of computers. So they asked me to do the testing, then I wrote the help screens, then I trained everyone how to use it, and it just became my baby. I found what I wanted to do in life, and have been tinkering with computers ever since.

    I started using Tenkei when a customer/friend of mine was struggling with the technical side of it and asked me to help. Even though I haven’t had anything to do with The City for the last 10 years, I couldn’t really resist once I’d dived in, it takes me back to the days of the rush of the trading floor :).

    So that’s me, I’m happy to help out with IT issues – I won’t claim to know everything about MT4, but remember, computers are your servant, not the other way around!

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