I Don’t Like Fridays!


Wasn’t there a song that was entitled:

‘I Don’t Like Mondays!’(?)

You know what,if you were to fully scrutinise the Trading world, I think you would find that Mondays and Fridays are the least popular days for Trading.


Because come Monday, some Traders may still be in ‘Weekend Mode’, there are usually less New Releases on a Monday, which means Traders won’t bother getting into the market because they are waiting for Tuesday and finally, Mondays normally have some sort of Public Holiday, where, well, Traders and the rest of the world are on Holiday!

And what about Fridays?

Because, come Friday, some Traders are in ‘Weekend Mode’ and there are usually less New Releases, not unless it is the US Non Farm Payrolls Report (which comes out on the first Friday of every month) and if there are other News Releases that are deemed High, if it’s not to do with the GBP, USD or EUR, nobody seems to take much notice.

So, in saying:

‘I Don’t Like Fridays!’

(Well I do really but not when it comes to Trading)

What days do I like?

I do like Mondays but it needs to be checked for New Releases which will keep it active and moving.

No News means it could be a flat day meaning no movement.

I like Tuesdays because Traders now feel it could be a good time to get in as they should have fully got over the weekend.

I like Wednesdays because by then the markets are in full swing but it’s still a good idea to check out what News Releases may be due as a very busy News day also means the markets go quiet before the News Release.

I like Thursdays, well, sort of but it could also start to go a bit quiet if Traders zip off for a long weekend.

So, in summary, the best days to Trade are:

Tuesday to Thursday, Monday to Thursday, Monday which is my order of preference.

There is much to know in this Trading game, so when setting up your TenKei Fully Automated Trading, you could or should consider the above days to Trade.

We Traded every day on two Platforms but only up to Thursday on another, which was the Contrarian 5Minute Chart as it was struggling this week, so we cut our losses and left it be for today, which if Friday 2018.02.09.

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

This Is The Contrarian 5Minute Chart Which Did Not Do So Well This Week

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

This Is The Contrarian 1Minute Chart With Short Trades Only

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

This Is The Contrarian 1Minute Chart
The One We’ve Been Telling You To Stay Away From…
…Because We Are Waiting For An Improvement Or New Code!


Just typical!

It’s doing well but I know it could do better and I’m waiting for the New Code which should make those long Trading days shorter, as there should be less losses.

Anyway, yes, I am a bit frustrated as I wait for some comeback on the development of the latest Variable but all we can is practice Super-Trader Trait #9 Patience and wait for a response as I have not had one yet!!!

I was going to say, ‘Well That’s My Problem’ but it is yours too because I want to get the New New Code (yes, I meant to write ‘New’ twice) to you as soon as possible!

I shall continue to email my programmer to ask if he’s still working on it, for the sake of all of us!

Let us Pray he can do it!

Be Sure To Pray For Everything In Life!

Have A Blessed Weekend!

Chat Soon!


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