Did You Ever Use Combos When Playing Street Fighter – The Video Game?

Therefore Go And Make Disciples Of All Nations,
Baptizing Them
In The Name Of The FATHER
And Of The SON

~ Matthew 28:19


In Looking To Start This Message, I Thought:

‘What Verse From The Bible Contains Anything
Or Something That Relates To Combos Or Combinations?’

And What Did I Find?


One In Isolation Is Not As Powerful As All Three,
As A Combo,
Or A Combination!

And What About The Business Of Making Disciples Of All Nations?

It’s Not Something I Find Most Comfortable To Do
But I Am Doing The Best I Can On That Part!

Are You Doing Your Part?

As Well As Reading This Blog,

When You Have A Spare Quiet Moment,
Have A Read Of Your Bible For Deeper Contemplation & Worship!

Rejoice, Pray & Give Thanks – To GOD!

And Now,
On The Subject Of Combos Or Combinations,
Just Like In The Days When I Was Busy Reading The User Guide
In Learning How To Achieve Those Combos
When Playing Street Fighter Back In The Day, 
Here I Am Today,
Busy Developing Combos Or Combinations

For The TenKei Fully Automated Trading Program!

And I Am Pleased To Say That One Of You Has Come Forward, 
With A TenKei Combo Of Your Own!!!


Without Further Ado, 
Please Read This Email I Received From Phil P A TenKei Subscriber
Who Gave Us His Permission To Show It To You:

‘Hi Team,

Just letting you know that the 15 to 30 Trading is going really well for me. 
I have however, introduced my own twist on the strategy, and that is to have the Stop Loss Setting as TRUE, with a 16 Pip TST, and 10 Pip TSS, and Limit Ratio of Zero.
The reason for this is that on several occasions, the DAX Trade has gone well over 15 Points, and then come all the way back and hit the 15 Pip Stop Loss.
With my Settings, if this happens, I will get out of the Trade with Zero Loss at worst, but mostly some Profit, and if the market is having a big move in the opposite direction, it very often opens a new Trade in the opposite direction. 
Also, if the first Trade of the day is a loser, the next Trade has to go to the full 30 Pip Target to generate my Daily Profit, and sometimes that can mean being in a Trade for several hours if the market is slow.
Yours sincerely
Phil P’
End Of Email Message
Please Note: We at TenKei Ltd Highlighted and Capitalised certain words of the email for greater clarity but did not change the wording in any way whatsoever.
I replied to Phil P and part of my reply included this sentence:
‘Since you have found a way that suits you (because we have been having the very same issue with the Price going all the way up to come back down into negative territory using the pure 30:15 (2:1 Ratio), hence having the TST and TSS to Lock something in but never being quite sure how to get the balance right for everybody) may we share your findings with everybody else?’

End Of Email Reply

So, it’s all going very well and we are enjoying what the 2:1 (Two to OneRatio is doing for us!

By the way, there are quite a few 2:1 Combos to consider…

Would you like to see them?

Okay, here they are:

16:8 – This is nice because of the small Stop Loss but it can get hit too often!

DAX – 2018.05.18
Continuation 1Minute Chart – 2 to1 Ratio – 16 to 8
These Are The Lowest 2:1 Settings We Wish To Use!

18:9 – This is nice too but you may still have the same issue as the 16:8

20:10 – This makes sense if you are after 11 Points

22:11 – This makes sense if you are after 11 Points as it makes it almost a 1:1 Ratio

24:12 – This makes sense as it’s in almost the middle ground of what we are doing

26:13 – This makes sense because it gives more room for movement

28:14 – This makes sense because it gives more room for movement

30:15 – Even though the Stop is 15, this appears to work the best, simply because the Stop is wider, thus giving the market (DAX) more space to move against us, without Stopping us out too early

DAX – 2018.05.18
Continuation 1Minute Chart – 2 to1 Ratio – 30 to 15
These Are The Highest 2:1 Settings We Wish To Use!

In the meantime, you can always Test what Phil P has deciphered, as that is the very idea of using the TenKei Fully Automated Trading Program that you eventually find the way you would like to use it, to suit your own Trading Personality

…and we will continue to look at ways to not let those Profits go, once it moves into Profit, without having the market Stop us out too early and thus missing the BIG move or our intended Target.

It works but we are always looking to improve it!

Chat Soon!


P.S. We recommend you use one 2:1 Ratio Combo at a time, unless you are a Fully Experienced Trader who possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to use the MT4 Software in conjunction with the TenKei Fully Automated Trading Program.

To Sign Up For The FREE Course
Where You Will Learn How To Set Up Your Own MetaTrader 4 Trading Account
And Equally If Not More Importantly
Learn How To
The Trading Code.

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