A Couple Of Things To Point Out!


Did you see the BIG move or the BIG drop in the markets the  other day?

Using the TenKei 7.0, you should not have been affected by it because remember, we are keeping our Stops fairly tight — 15 Points Maximum to be precise and the Program is designed to produce Stops anywhere between 1 to 15, where I’ve never seen it produce a 1 Point Stop as yet…

…but it has produced a 5 Point Stop which has worked in our favour many a time.

I’m not sure if you’ve realised for those of you who are really getting to grips with the TenKei Fully Automated Program but do you ever check the Price of the markets any more?

I don’t, as it’s all about what pattern it makes… that’s all I’m concerned about and that’s all the Program is concerned about and that’s looking for Repeating Patterns.

So, here’s the latest!

The latest New Variable I requested just a few days ago was a complete disaster as my Programmer got the ‘wrong end of the stick’, so it ended up doing everything it shouldn’t, so that is now being looked into and corrected but once done, it’s going to be so good!

Can you imagine how upset I was when it didn’t do what I expected it to do?

It’s almost as though the world was crumbling around me, as at first I thought it just plain old didn’t work but when I studied what it was doing, I found it was not Trading the setups as I had written in my own coded format!

So that’s good news that there was a misunderstanding as in what I was asking for.

I’m still keeping away from the 1Minute Contrarian Setting as in promoting it you  because I’m waiting for my New Variable Setting but in saying that, the 1Minute Contrarian did do well on Monday re: the BIG Move or the BIG drop where it made nearly 40 Points in just one Trade.

Do you want to see the details?

Okay, here it is…

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

This 1Minute Contrarian Trade  Is Going To Be Replaced With New Settings

Yesterday, the 5Minute Contrarian also did well…

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

This Is The 5Minute Contrarian & Continuation Trade…
…But The Continuation Trade Did Not Place Any Trades!

Finally (did I say I had a couple of things to point out?), this is what the 1Minute Continuation Trade got up to yesterday being Tuesday 2018.02.06 and today being Wednesday 2018.02.07

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

This Is The 1Minute Continuation Trade!
At Last!
It Did Something!
The Input Settings Will Be Revealed!!!

What are you thinking?

“Wilson, You Said You Had A Couple Of Things To Point Out!”

Yes, I know but there’s much going on over here whilst we scramble around (well, sort of scramble around) putting all of the ‘Combinations’ in order, which consists of the Values and Variables.

What we must ensure is that we shift all of the ‘Combinations’, Variables and Values in an order where you will be able to produce profits in a set amount of time with less draw-downs.

The Program works beautifully but there are still some of you who are getting slightly different results from the rest of us!

We need to ensure you all obtain the same results, especially when where all doing the same thing  — and we will ensure those results will be good and profitable — on a consistent basis!

That is my Goal, for you!

Success Is Our Target!


And so, we continue to wait for the new New Variable to be corrected and once again, once received and Tested by me — to be then released to you — for your use!

GOD Bless!

Chat Soon!


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