Conclusions, Conclusions, Conclusions

When The Centurion
And Those With Him Guarding JESUS Saw The Earthquake
And All That Had Happened,
They Were Terrified And Said,
“Truly This Was The Son of GOD.”

~ Matthew 27:54



The above verse is a conclusion, is it not?

Christmas Conclusions

After much back and forth, we have come to just one conclusion and that is to keep everything neat and tidy and to save you the difficulty(?) and/or distress(?) of setting up a Second Time Frame Chart

…therefore, we are going to choose the 1Minute Chart!

In fact, we have always preferred using the 1Minute Chart as it means we can now use the TenKei EAs to their fullest!

Another reason for going with and for the 1Minute Chart is, the Second TimeFrame has not been behaving itself in relation to how it should be performing with the TPT.

The TPT is the managing EA which switches your Trades on and off to which for some, using the 5Second Time Frame, it just was not happening!

That was/is a problem and when we come across problems, we look to solve them!

So without further ado, here is what the 1Minute Chart got up to over the last two weeks.

Please Click On The Screenshot Below For A Clearer View:

Continuation 1Minute Chart
Infinity:10,8,1 (10/10)
2018.12.10 to 2018.12.21

In The Above Trades, We Aimed For 30 Points A Day Of Trading Profits,
Which All Achieved On Auto!

This Means 10 Points A Day Of Trading Profits Is More Than Achievable!

It all seems and looks so simple once it works, doesn’t it?

The 1Minute Chart (Settings) work slowly but steadily, so once you start using it, do not fret as in thinking it’s not placing any Trades because is does and it will.

And it’s nice to see smaller losses being made up by even GREATER WINS!

Well, that is it for this year!

We Shall Be Back To Business Using The 1Minute Chart On:

Oh yes, and we do still have a Reversal Setting that works very well but that is on a 5Second Chart and since some of you have been having challenges with the Second Chart Time Frame, as mentioned earleir, we will be looking for a Reversal Setting using the 1Minute Chart only, in order to keep things simple.

So, in ending:

Here’s Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year!

Chat Soon!


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